The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Many teams will be going through rigorous training during the next month to get in shape for championship season, and as the swimming all starts coming together the team starts to come together as well.  For some training trips just ended, for others training trips are about to begin.  While the in water workouts and dryland workouts prepare a team for a great taper to come, the bonding accomplished on the trip is just as important.  For those in the midwest or the northeast, a chance to see the sun for the first time in a few months and enjoy some warm weather brings huge benefits to the bruised , battered, and fragile mind of swimmers beaten down by snow, cold, and swim practice.  The trip down to Puerto Rico, Arizona, Florida, or whenever is filled with fun an excitement.  Whether it was last year when Wabash had to run from security to the gate to catch our plane, or watching Alleghany College sprint through the Atlanta airport to catch a connecting flight, it all adds to the fun and excitement of winter training and winter break.  Some lucky teams get to ride down in a bus for over 24 hours straight.  That is a great time for bus ride chicken fights, a “Community” marathon, or getting to learn more about teammates.  I believe that outside of training and staying in a run down motel there are 2 essentials to a training trip.

#1 The Overplayed Training Trip Song – Nothing says training trip was cruising down the road in a 15 passenger van, windows down, wind in your chlorinated dead hair, and an obnoxiously overplayed, fun loving song blaring from the speakers.  This makes the van ride from the pool to the hotel and hotel to the pool much more exciting and gets everyone ready for what lies ahead.  So as we get ready to head down to Florida, here are my top five guesses for the 2010-2011 Wabash Training trip song:

1 – Like a G6, Far East Movement
2 – Yeah 3X, Chris Brown
3 – More or DJ Got Us Falling in Love , Usher
4 – Forget You, Cee-Lo
5 – Club Can’t Handle Me, Flo-rida
Bonus Track – Whip My Hair, Willow Smith

#2 – Flamboyant suits:  Nothing says training trip like a glaring hot pink, sparked and bedazzled speedo and a pale swimming who hasn’t seen the sun since October.  Swimmers get to express themselves and show their individuality through their suits.  These suits get great laughs and are always a conversation starter on the beach.  This is a just a fun element that adds to aura that is a training trip.  And, if you haven’t grabbed your training trip suit, here are some examples from

Dressed for Success
Sumo wrestling
Captain America

So we will enjoy the cold and the snow for 48 more hours and then it’s off to brighter weather and a brighter future!

Steve Barnes is currently the second year head coach of a Wabash College in Wabash, IN. Steve maintains a regular blog, which can be found here.

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