Swmr46’s Picks

It’s not just me picking. Other D3Swimming.com heavyweights are posting their picks. Who will be right? Only time will tell.

50 Freestyle
1. David Somers – I think he will win and go 19 again but he must have the perfect race to break the National Record. Too many things can go on wrong in the 50.
2. Craig Fleming – I hope Craig breaks 20 point, if he does he will have a shoot to contend and win this event.
3. Wildcard: Owen Rood – I know a lot of people would disagree with this pick. He was 20.44 last year and I think he will go even faster this year!

100 Freestyle ***
1. Craig Flemming – The kid has been going 43’s on relays since his sophomore year. This is the year he puts together and wins with a time of 43.5! Now there are two Kalamazoo swimmers with National Records!
2. David Somers – Could easily win this event but I think he places 2nd this year. I wouldn’t doubt him going 43!
3. Wildcard: Ben Wampler – could he be the first NESCAC swimmer to break 44 flat start?

200 Freestyle
1. Alex Fraser – I just don’t see anyone beating him in this race. He has the front speed and closing speed to win this race. He split a 24.71 on his last 50 free last year, best in the field
2. Craig Fleming – I think he has the front speed to be out front and will be in the lead. I don’t know if he can hold off Fraser, I hope he proves me wrong!
3. Wildcard: Stewart Bates – 1:38.90 last year, if he shows any improvement from last year time he should be in the top 3!

500 Freestyle
1. Stewart-Bates – 4:25 last year as a freshman, something tells me that he is going to have a big swim and bring back the 500 Free title to Kenyon. Rushton and MCB would be proud!
2. Alex Fraser – has the best closing speed in the field but I was little disappointed with last year performance…I thought he would be faster. He went 4:21 his sophomore year with the suit but hasn’t touched that time since.
3. Wildcard: Dan Thurston – has been flying under the radar and might surprise some people! He was 4:27.4 last year.

1650 Freestyle
1. Ryan Lichtenfels – wins this event but I don’t think he breaks the national record. He is 9 second off the record and that is a lot to shave off.
2. Allen Weik – swam an impressive time at their mid December meet. I think he will challenge Litchtenfels.
3. Wildcard: Paul Weinstein – shaved 12 second off his seed time at last year national meet. Already, five second faster than he was last year! He make should make things interesting!

100 Backstroke
1. John Barry – has the raw speed and I think he will hang on to win the event. Also, Paul Ellis your record is safe for now!
2. Michael Mpitsos – you could flip a coin for this race. He could easily win this race too! However, someone has to finish second!
3. Wildcard: Ross Spock – can a freshman win a national title? The experts would say no but he definitely has a shoot!

1. John Dillion – his seed time is 2:07 and his best time is 1:47. This isn’t age group swimming, you just don’t drop twenty seconds in a 200! However, for him this is reality and I can see him pushing 1:46! Sorry John Thomas, your record only lasted a year!
2. John Barry – has the speed but does he have the endurance for the last 100? I don’t know but he will make it interesting!
3. Wild Card: Michael Mpitsos – he was first to the wall at the 100 mark last year but died hard!

100 Fly***
1. John Dillon – 47.58 last year….he hardly rested for NESCAC. I know he didn’t rest that much cause I talked to several coaches from the NESCAC Conference. They know his training better than some people on this board. Is this the year Aaron Cole is taken off the record board? I say yes!
2. Wyatt Ubellacker – has been throwing 49 in dual meets, absolute beast! I could see him going 48 low.
3. Wildcard: James Chapman – was hardly a finalist in this event last year but currently holds the fastest time in the country right now!

200 Fly***
1. John Dillion – this is a no brainer! He has the national record and the closest swimmer to his record time is almost 4 seconds away. I will take a bet that he wins the 200 fly by 3 seconds with a new national record time.
2. Patrick Augustyn – if he holds his time from December, he should place second! There is no way he beats Dillion.
3. Wildcard: John Hu – this kid is a phenomenal athlete and went 1:50 as a freshman last year. A little bit more experience under his belt, I could see him pushing 1:48.

100 Breastroke
1. Rory Buck – He would make Nelson proud by winning this event. They need to play “Rick Derringer – I am a real American” for the entrance song (Hulk Hogan theme song for you wrestling fans)
2. Pavel Buyanov – Holds the national record but hasn’t come close to that time in 2 years!
3. Wildcard: Collin Glayds – Auburn transfer, could challenge for the title! Got the speed and went 55.2 last year.

200 Breastroke
1. Ian Bakk – your defending national champion. Probably has the best last 100 out of everyone in the field. It hard to bet against him because he has the speed and endurance to win this event!
2. Rory Buck – does he have enough in the last 50 to win? If he is 31.2 or better, we will have a new national champion!
3. Wild Card: Peter O’Brien – a consolation finalist last year but now hold the country fastest time! Can he go faster than his December time?

200 IM
1. Collin Gladys – your defending national champion. The kid is an absolute beast and doesn’t have a weak stroke!
2. Chris Bateman – Imagine St. Olaf having 3 guys under 1:50. Westby, Koch, and possibly Bateman now!
3. Wild Card: Paul Dyrkacz – wasn’t even a finalist last year in this event. Now has the top time and see going into the meet!

400 IM
1. Dan Thurston – your national runner up last year. He had the best breastroke split in the field last year and has all the tools to win! I think he will give the national record a scare but won’t break it!
2. Ryan Lichtenfels – will have the lead going into breastroke but he will be pasted by Thurston. He has great closing speed but so does Thurston. If he even with Thurston at the 300, I like his chances to win!
3. Wild Card: Paul Dyrkacz – certainly has all the tools to win! However, is he able to go faster at Nationals than he did at NESCACs?

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