Scoring Proposal #1 – Round 1

So last week I proposed a midseason dual meet format. You can find this post here.

Just to see what happens, I decided to score them out based on this year’s midseason meet results. I did my best to move people around and spread the points. The results are interesting and maybe they will change the way coaches vote next time…

Let’s go round by round:

UWSP 210 – Olivet 51 = The Comets would like to pretend this didn’t happen. The only event Olivet scored more than 4 points in the ENTIRE meet was the 50 freestyle, won by Caitlin Lohr.
Carthage 178.5 -St. Olaf 80.5 = Olaf won the breastrokes! Unfortunately, that is all they won. I swam Croix in the 50, but it really didn’t matter.

Chicago 155 – Hope 103 = The first “upset” of the dual meet tournament comes in the first round in a 4/5 matchup.  There was a little bit of back and forth early and Hope was close after Westrate won the 100 but Chicago dominated the next 5 events outscoring Hope 72-20 before the 400 free relay.

WashU 173 – KZoo 98 = Kzoo won the medley and then WashU went 1-2-3 in the first three individual events and this one looked like it was going to get out of hand.  Kzoo battled back to cut the gap to 10 going into the 100 free before WashU pulled away.

To the men…

Kzoo 166 – O 122 = The problem here is that while Olivet is deep, Kzoo is better in those areas, especially at the top end. Olivet keeps it respectable but cannot overcome Manning and Fleming.

UWSP 184 – Carthage 78 = Drake did what he could winning 2 events. Schrank wont he 2fly. This was the entirety of the Carthage victories, meaning blowout for Carthage.

WashU 155 – UC 131 = Thank God for breastroke and diving… or at least U of Chicago should be thanking him. Without it, they don’t have a prayer, but with it, they keep this one close.

Hope 149 – Olaf 122 = Olaf’s studs did all they could but couldn’t contend with Hope’s depth. Just like the Flying Dutchmen couldn’t match Bateman in anything, the Olies couldn’t overcome Hope’s ability to 2-3-4 events when Olaf won.

Round 2 will be posted tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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