Scoring Proposal #1 – Men’s Championship

7th Place

(5) St. Olaf 135 – (7) Carthage 127 = StO chooses the 2 freelay, Carthage goes with the 4 medley.  Pretty close meet throughout, the largest spread was 18 points and strangely enough, by CARTHAGE after the 100 free.  The Oles battle back and won 4 of the last 5 individual events to go up 13 going into the last relay and Olaf’s 2-3 finish was enough to hang on for the win.
St O 2-1
Carthage 0-3

5th Place

(8) Olivet 156 – (6) Chicago 137 = Chicago took full advantage of the relay selection rules in this final round and choose the only relay they could win, the 4 medley, Olivet countered with the 2 free.  Chicago dominated the breaststrokes and the IM, outscoring Olivet a combined 46-11.  But Olivet won every other individual event with the exception of the mile, where they went 2-3-4 and 100 fly.  Olivet nickled and dimed Chicago winning the majority of the individual events before pulling away and establishing enough of a lead after the 500 to hang on for the victory.
Olivet 2-1
Chicago 1-2

3rd Place

(3) WashU 152 – (4) Hope 119 = The relays made absolutely no difference whatsoever because WashU was going to win all of them and Hope was going to finish 2-3.  That would’ve led most of us to believe that we’d see WashU win an event and Hope fill in behind them causing WashU to only win the event by a few points.  Not so much, where one team was strong the other appeared to be weak and vice versa.  In fact, there wasn’t a single individual event where the team that won the event failed to score at least 12 points, and that only happened twice.  We saw 3 sweeps (two by WashU and one by Hope) and four more events go 14-5, all of which fell in WashU’s favor which was enough for them to win the meet.  Despite some lopsided team scores by event we saw some great races throughout, especially in the distance events where Valach from WashU found a way to hold off two Flying Dutchman only to turn around and drop the 500 to one of them.
WashU 2-1
Hope 1-2


(1) Kalamazoo 179 – (2) UWSP 114 = Like the 3-4 matchup all the relays were going to go 11-6 in Kalamazoo’s favor.  Kalamazoo’s top end was just too strong but don’t let the score fool you, this was a great meet and featured a tremendous amount of talent and great races.  How fast was it?  Well let’s just say this UWSP’s Ryan Farmer, their 3rd 50 freestyler took 6th in the 50 free with a 21.38.  I’m not sure what’s worse, taking 6th in a dual meet with a 21.38 or not winning a dual meet after going 56.74 in the breaststroke, like the Pointers Matthew Olp.  The Hornets were also aided by a 32-0 diving advantage but like diving, this would not have mattered.
Kalamazoo 3-0
UWSP 2-1

2 thoughts on “Scoring Proposal #1 – Men’s Championship”

  1. Josh,

    Love the idea — Case hosts a meet similar to this… the Veale Classic. Four teams in a 2 day, dual meet tournament. I think it could be expanded to 4 other teams in another location the same weekend and then combining the winners from each site into a championship…. exciting , but complicated scheduling.

  2. Mark,

    Scheduling was the most difficult part so I understand. As someone who has been there, do you think the format would benefit from teams being rested? Why haven’t others tried this, even during the season, like the Veale Classic is? I would think racing like that would be great to have!


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