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  1. I realize that you may not be able to cover every single conference meet, but you could feature something a little less biased than Rory Buck’s coverage of the NWC Championship. He barely mentioned any swimmers or coaches besides his own teammates, and he only highlighted events won by Whitworth individuals. You could have easily put a link like this: http://www.lcpioneers.com/sports/swimdive/201011/NWC_championships/NWC_championship_page

    or featured these articles:

    which actually give a complete run down of who won and medaled in each event.
    Yes, Whitworth won the meet for both the men’s and women’s sides, but Katie Chapman of Whitman won three events, Tracy Wormwood from UPS won both the breaststrokes, Mackenzie and Teale Kitson from UPS put up a sibling victory in the 100 back, Rachael Cazden from L&C won the 100 Free, and Derek Frenzel of UPS was victorious in the 200 Fly. That’s 9 events that Rory completely ignores. For a forum post, feel free to talk about how great Whitworth is, but for Conference coverage, try to be a little more fair.

  2. Thanks for the comments Tracy and for sending the LC write ups…

    Yes my blog posts on conference were very biased towards Whitworth, they were written as a recap of the Whitworth swimmers at the meet, not as a recap of the meet as a whole… The titles I used for the blog posts were probably misleading, hence your feeling that they were biased. I apologize for that.

    I did not intend to take anything away from any of the other teams or swimmers at the meet. There were some great performances put up by many swimmers – obviously Katie Chapman’s three wins, your Breaststroke swims, Derek’s 200 Fly and a bunch of others.

    I am really happy that you and Derek are going to be going to be at Nationals – the more NWC representation we have the better for our side of country! See you there!


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