NCAA Preview – W200FS

3.5 seconds. That’s a lot of time. At the speed of a 200 freestyler, that’s a lot of distance. That time, and therefore distance, is what Kendra Stern won by last year. This year, she’s been swimming fast. This isn’t good news for her competitors. It’s not like her competition was weak either. Two other girls broke the 1:50 barrier and yet Kendra still dominated.

One of those sub-1:50 competitors has moved on. I shouldn’t say it like that I suppose. She didn’t die. She just graduated. Amanda Croix, a girl we talked about in the 50 as the strong favorite, doesn’t she sprint. She’s the only other girl coming in under 1:50, though her chances of winning rely on Kendra missing the event. Also deserving of chatter is freshman Sarah Rinsma of Hopkins. This freshman has already hit the 1:50 mark and in Knoxvile, she’ll be looking to go under it.

In the top 8 going into the meet, 4 of these lovely ladies will be graduating. Thus far, we’ve basically been talking about the youth movement in D3, specifically among the women. This time, we see 4 seniors in the top 8 and only 2 freshmen in the top 16! While freshmen can add a new flavor to the meet, having an experienced good will provide great racing. They know the ropes and they are ready to drop from their seed times and make the most of their last meet.

Sleeper: Alyssa Swanson. Only 2 women have 4 A cuts and Alyssa is 1 of them. She was so-so last year at nats and has been improving nicely this year. This is her best event and I predict she’ll be fighting with Croix, under 1:50, in that battle for 2nd.

Winner: Kendra Stern. We’ll see if she wants her chicken dinner after her second “winner”.

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  1. I’m calling that she wins in 1:43-mid. I know that’s crazy fast, but 1:46.8 in a dual meet is D1 caliber. Why not have her winning time D1 caliber also?


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