NCAA Preview – W100FL

If I was looking for brevity, I could write this one in 2 words: Logan Todhunter. She won be a second and a half last year with her prelims time being 2 seconds faster than anyone else. 2 seconds in the 400 IM wouldn’t be huge, but we’ve moved on to the 100 fly so that’s just not fair. I can hear some of you talking to your computer: “But Josh, while I respect your opinion because you’re so good looking, she’s seeded 4th, so you need to stop living in the past”. I’ll give you that she is .3 slower than coming in last season, but that’s not enough for anyone to pick against her.

What is Charlie doing over there in Cali? Last year he had a sophomore, Katie Bilotti, finish second. This year, Katie is back and he’s bringing freshman Michele Kee, the current 2 seed. Can they go 2-3 behind Logan? Can Michele break Katie’s record? No idea. I do know Mr. Griffiths can coach flyers though.

25 women broke 57 in the event this year. A 56 used to be a standout on your medley relay and now it’s practically standard. It’s not going to get any better either. Only 3 of those graduate this year and we’ll be sure to add freshmen and ladies who drop time next year.

Sleeper: Leslie Hackler. Finalist last year with a nice time drop. Only girl, other than Todhunter, in the top 14 whose time didn’t come from a conference meet. Swims for Emory, who will win this meet. I like her in the top 3, maybe even as the runner up.

Winner: Logan Todhunter. I don’t think she’ll break her own record and there isn’t much else to say about the pick, so I’ll say this: I interviewed her for floswimming 2 years ago and she is really nice. You don’t need to dislike her, just because she’s really fast.

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