NCAA Preview – W100BK

Last year’s champion, Olivia Zaleski graduated. Runner up Chelsea Hoff of UW-Lax did the same. 2nd runner up Katie Bilotti of CMS wasn’t ranked in the top 20 at the end of the year. 3rd runner up, Kristine Trutor of Keene State graduated. Why am I telling you all of this? You need to know how wide open this event is. Not only did we lose a lot of people, we gained a lot too. 5 of the top 8 are freshmen. That’s right, there are more freshmen in the top 8 than there are non-freshmen. Crazy huh? Combined graduating seniors with new freshmen and add a factor of the top 10 being separated by less than a second and you have a race not just for victory, but All-American (top 8) status.

Maggie Rosenbaum was just a high schooler last year. She was probably really excited about spring break and searching for the perfect prom dress. I don’t know if she found the dress but the spring break part likely didn’t change. What changed though, is that she isn’t in high school anymore and is now the top seeded backstroker coming into the meet. She dropped a lot of time to get there and no one is sure how much she has left, if anything. Retapering isn’t common in high school, specifically not for a bigger meet, so we’ll see where she can go from here.

The highest seed who finaled last year is Kale Zicafoose of Carleton. She is 4th. The rest of the returning finalists? Who knows. They are scattered everywhere. What happened? I’m not about to tell you. I’m asking. What the heck happened?

Sleeper: Mary Bank. Take this one to the bank… get it? Because her last name is Bank? Not funny? Not even mildly amusing? Ok, tough crowd. Regardless, the freshman put up her seed time in December, of course, and swims for Kenyon. That’s all I need to know.

Winner: Susie Nennig. Did I pick that out of a hat? Nope, but only because I don’t have a hat. I like Emory to be ON here and she posted her time back at Miami. She’s also a freshman. 1 + 1 + 1 = 1st place.

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