NCAA Preview – M50FS

For the first time in this meet, the returning champion isn’t here to defend his/her title. In this case, Zachary Turk didn’t graduate. He is truly taking advantage of his D3 experience by going on study abroad. Enough about that dude… out of sight, out of the pool (and mind). The clear favorite here is his teammate, David Somers. Somers posted a 20.06 at midseason…. AT MIDSEASON! I don’t have the stats to go back very far and see when was the last time someone went that fast at the midway point in the year, but I can promise that if it has ever happened, it’s been a very long time (Born went the fastest 100 time ever at midseason so perhaps he was faster in the 50 that year).

The major theme in the 50 would be newbies. In the top 16 there are 8… yes 8, 8, no my keyboard doesn’t just type that number, it’s real. HALF of the current top 16 is comprised of guys who were in high school at this point last year (or at least not swimming in college). Emory doubles up with 2 of them but in total, they represent 7 different schools. The future of D3 sprinting is strong.

Sleeper: Colby Dunn. I like sprinters who put up their best times at midseason so they get 4 months of training and a full taper to go faster in March. Not only does Colby fit this description, but he swims for MIT who is poised to have a big meet. He’d need an enormous drop to keep up with Somers, but so would everyone else, so look for him in the top 3.

Winner: David Somers. I’m calling a meet record here, for the 2nd of the day (Women’s 500) and a time for the rest of us to marvel at. Somers has put the work in during the offseason and been putting up the fast times during the year. All this pays off here as he wins the first event, of many, for Kenyon.

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