NCAA Preview – M400FR

I’m not a history expert and most of my collegiate history experience included the Romans in some form or another. The Romans dominated their opponents, then turned them onto their side. Kenyon doesn’t need you on their side. They just stick with domination. They won this event by 5 seconds last year over Kalamazoo. Kalamazoo is again the 2nd seed and once again, no one is touching Kenyon.

It took a 3:04.9 to make this event this year. In recent years, this event had become very quick and has now taken a slight step back. Sure going to 16 hurts, but only 6 teams enter under 3:03. This isn’t a slow time, but from what we’ve come to expect, it just isn’t the same level. That may change in Knoxville. A fast pool combined with a great environment may be just what is needed for faster swims.

Kalamazoo seems to be continually overlooked by several on the forums here. While in many instances they are overrated, that is not here. Their 2nd seeded 3:01 comes from midseason and they feature the top 100 swimmer in the country, by a lot. Their leadoff was off his game last year but will have fewer swims before taking the blocks this year. They won’t beat Kenyon, but no one will and they could be the best of the rest. Meanwhile, 3rd seed Emory didn’t even make the top 8 last year. They come in 3 seconds faster, though their final time of last year wasn’t much faster than their seed. They have youth to help overcome that past issue this time around.

Sleeper: MIT. Their youthful speed could be huge here. No true sleeper will exist because we’ll know a lot by this time in the meet, but MIT may be one of those teams that gets stronger as the meet goes on. Their coach is my pick for Men’s Coach of the Year and she may prove it with a top 2 or 3 finish in this.

Winner: Kenyon. They’ll miss Turk only in terms of not breaking their record.

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