Money, Money, Money

By Seth Costello

So if you haven’t heard already, the NCAA recently announced that Division III athletes would be allowed to be compensated for “certain activities.” Now the line on this new regulation is still blurry and proves to be a “where is the line drawn” nightmare. Allowing students to monetize their name and likeness has been in the news for months now but only for Division I athletes. To be honest I never would have thought that Division III athletes would be considered for this rule, let alone swimmers & divers. Unless you’re Caeleb Dressel or Michael Phelps (if he would have done four years at a University) you’re probably not going to see a whole lot of monetary value. Yes, this is an extreme but it’s the best way to show the big picture. I think it will be interesting to see how Division III programs will now market their athletes; if I had to make a guess the value of Instagram will be going up!

So for those of you still wondering what Division III athletes can be compensated for or monetize, look no further…

  1. Media activities
  2. Creative endeavors
  3. Research
  4. Class projects
  5. A personal business
  6. Being a brand ambassador
  7. Being in a commercial (let’s be real guys)
  8. Making an appearance

Now of course this poses a lot of problems, sources say that the legislation will not be adopted until 2021 with the implementation being 2021-22 season. This gives a lot of time for revision which I think will be needed for Division III. As brutal as it is, the opportunities above are opportunities that a very few at the Division I level get nonetheless Division III. The avenue and opportunities for Division III athletes will be significantly different and more heterogeneous than expected.

We plan to keep you updated as more of the legislation unravels, but for now you can hold to the glimmer hope that- if you’re an athlete- there might be some fiscal rewards coming soon!

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