MIAC Preview – St. Olaf

Head Coaches – Dave Hauck: 37 years, 22 MIAC titles, Bob Hauck 22 years, 9 MIAC men’s titles

Last year’s score/place:  615.5/3rd

St. Olaf entered the 2010-2011 season coming off of a bit of a lull the prior year. They had graduated one of their best teams since the early 90s, and got hit with some injuries. Hauck+1 kept rolling though, bringing in a solid recruiting class that will now compete for the conference title.

I sent an email to my old neighbor from my Northfield days, Bob Hauck. Below are his responses in regards to training, records, and how fast he thinks he could swim today.

Casey: Olaf men didn’t finish in the top two at conference for the first time in maybe 30 years last season. Yet you’ve seemed to bounce back better than ever with this year’s recruiting class. What are your goals for conference this year?

Bob: Yes, we did finish out of the top 2 for the first time in many years however we felt like we had a real good season.  We had some bad luck at the end of the year losing two outstanding athletes to injuries and leaving us without our strongest team at the end of the season.  Our goal is always to compete for the conference title and I feel both teams are in a position to do that well.

(Editor’s note: I did look back after I sent this and see Olaf was 3rd in 2003 behind GAC and SJU).

Casey: How do you prioritize national achievements versus conference titles?

Bob: Well I think the main focus has to be competing for a conference title.  If you can achieve that you are probably going to be in a position to score at nationals.

Casey: You seem to have set the trend in the mid-year December taper in the MIAC. What are the benefits to the mid-year rest your team does?

Bob: I think it breaks the season up and Thanksgiving is a natural break anyway.  I leave it open as an option. It has been beneficial for a few athletes who are able to make their national cuts and it gives everyone more opportunities to swim fast.

Casey: I’ve asked this of some other coaches, but how do the new pools in the metro area affect your recruiting?

Bob: No, I don’t think that much.  The new facilities are wonderful but the bottom line challenges are still both getting accepted into school and financing the education.

Casey: Any swimmers or swims we should look out for at conference?

Bob: Chris Bateman, Colby Kubat, Kyle Biesecker, Spencer Scarth, Alli Beardsley, Meghan Weiss, Carolyn Bernhardt, Maggie Boling, Lindsey Lee.

Casey: The oldest record at Olaf is still the mile. Your old teammate Kevin Casson holds that record. When do you see that one going down?

Bob: It is an old record.  If Chris Bateman wanted to train for it, it would already be gone.  Now, however, I believe Spencer Scarth will break it at some point.

Casey: You are still arguably one of the top D3 swimmers of all time. What do you think you could swim a 200 back in right now? Could you beat Bateman?

Bob: I would not be fast!  I equaled my time when I was 30 but I’m a couple years beyond that.  Now?  I wouldn’t even get in the pool with Chris.  He’s faster than I ever was.

Thanks to Bob for his answers and modesty… I’m sure he could still bust off a 1:55 200 back. Good luck to Bob and his team at conference this year.

Casey McGovern is a 1999 graduate of Gustavus Adolphus College and a regular contributor to the D3Swimming.com Forums. We appreciate his efforts both in the past and with this current line of articles previewing the MIAC Championships.

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