Making the Selection Time: Mid-Year Report

Because the date was so unique, I thought I would check the Top Times list for 1/11/11 and see how this year’s swimmers were doing relative to last year’s selection times. Here is the executive summary: D3 men have exploded in the 2Fly this year while the women are just flat out faster across the board.

(Data format below: Event – #swims faster than 2010 selection time)

Men Free: 50-12; 100-11; 200-8; 500-5; 1650-8

Women Free: 50-14; 100-16; 200-9; 500-13; 1650-8

I don’t have the Top Times list from 1/11/10 (last year) so I don’t know how this year might differ from previous years but the women seem to be working harder in season.

The rest of the strokes (except the 2Fly) again have roughly 40% more women than men exceeding last year’s selection time.

For Men: 1Bk-8; 2Bk-5; 1Br-8; 2Br-5; 1Fly-8; 2Fly-17; 2IM-6; 4IM-9

Women: 1Bk-12; 2Bk-12; 1Br-11; 2Br-9; 1Fly-8; 2Fly-8; 2IM11; 4IM-11

And what has gotten into the men’s 2Flyers?? The 17 swimmers include 4 frosh, 5 sophomores, 3 juniors and 5 seniors. Either everyone is a stud this year or last years’ flyers were real wimps. In any case if you want to qualify for Nats in this event you best man up!

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  1. Girls are always ahead of the guys at this point, because many are able to put up fast times in season. Also many of the elite girls (ie Kendra Stern) flood the list with top times in multiple events because of this. Where as you dont see many guys with strong cuts in more than 3 events.

  2. And why are “many girls able to put up fast times in season” but the guys are not? Mid-season taper meets are supposed get to you qualified for Nats right? And yet that hasn’t produced a particularly impressive collection of times this year. So what is the prediction for the next 4 weeks? That the guys will taper (relatively) better than the women for conference meets and end up with just as many sub-last-year-selection-times as the women? Or that the guys who, after all are not swimming against last year’s selection time but instead swimming against each other this year, will do what they do and still send 18-19 individuals to Nats in each event.
    I guess my question boils down to do the mid-season results always look this way and that is the difference between how girls and guys approach and develop through the season or is this odd. Guess I will have to make the same analysis 51 weeks from now.

    • I did a quick analysis a few years ago. Looking at the psych sheet and the old d3swimming top times page for the number of people who qualified early in the year for each event male versus female, and I believe I remember seeing that ussually around 6 to 7 guys were able to qualify early in each individual event and on the order of 10-11 girls went faster than the qualifying time before their conference meet (many of these girls went faster than that time at the conference meet so just the top times list from the end of the year can be misleading)

      Also as I mentioned before how many guys are below these times in more than 3 events if any at all. I can quickly come up with several girls that are listed more than 3 times – Wilson, Stern, Swanson, Pavlak, and Connolly

      As most guys know from practicing with girls – girls can go close to season bests (some of them at least) during a lactate set each time, whereas guys are generally much further off. This is because of more muscle mass and thus they get more tired during heavy training. Therefore we do not see guys going b cuts during season in off events whereas girls sometimes can get there.

      Yes the guys will qualify 18-19 guys this year per event. There just may not be as many guys there at the meet with b cuts (because of the faster cuts) so we will only see maybe24 guys swimming each event at NCAA’s


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