Kalamazoo Sweeps Awards

Maybe it was the fact that they had 2 duals last week, one of which was against their rival Hope College, or maybe they are just really good. Either way, Kalamazoo swimmers Craig Fleming & Molly DeWald were named by Collegeswimming.com as the Swimmers of the Week in Division III. This is the second time this year that Mr. Fleming has won the award and a first for freshman Molly DeWald.

Congrats to both swimmers!

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3 thoughts on “Kalamazoo Sweeps Awards”

  1. Was this not the week of Kendra Stern’s historic performance? Molly swam quite well but I’m having trouble following why Stern would be overlooked.

  2. I agree, while this is great for dewald and flemming, two very talent athletes… I don’t really see why they would get this award THIS week. Their swims were so-so, especially after stern’s ridiculous swim, it seems a little bizzare.

  3. Does anyone know how the award is chosen? Do you have to be nominated by your coach? Is it voted on by a group?

    Even as an obvious Kzoo fan and fan of what Molly has been doing all year, I was surprised Kendra didn’t win considering the times she put up.


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