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      Any Westminster people want to comment on this meet on Saturday? Very close meet, with both teams swimming pretty well. Looks like it came down to the sprints in the end. Wooster looks much improved compared to the last few years on the men’s side. I thought there were some interesting choices in the distance events, with Yarzebinski and Lehberger swimming. Were those their actual times, or did Gebhardt swim in the wrong lane?

      Grove City continues to look pretty strong as the dual meet season progresses. A few notables: Tim Whitbeck under 21 in the 50 already (3 times), Cam Coppelli in the backstroke events and the 200 IM, Peter Larsen in pretty much everything (2:01 200 IM, 1:46.6 200 Free, 48.2 100 free, 52.9 100 fly), just to name a few top performers. Lots of great butterfyers as of right now as well-the team looks deep for this time of the year.

      Smith from W and J looks great too, just touching out Peter in the 200 free at the Quadrangular. Mancuso looks OK, similar to how he usually looks at the beginning of the year.

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      It looks like the distance crew had an off day, 10:41 for Gephart? What happened there, same in teh 500, senior’s times were not very impressive either 10:43, maybe Klamut worked them out pretty good the night before/morning of, AJ Yarzamamma, can’t spell his name so thought I’d have fun with it had a heck of a 1000 swim.
      Don’t know about the wrong lane stuff, I wasn’t there and haven’t talked to anyone that was so I don’t know. Unfortunaly last night is painfully obvious missing Trunk and Smith, winning the sprints and the backstroke would have carried the day for WC, obviously it did for Wooster.

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