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      What women’s records have a chance to go down this year?

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      @chunkybearcub137 wrote:

      What women’s records have a chance to go down this year?

      200 Fly Ross, Kephart, Psaris and, perhaps, newcomer Brady are capable of 2:00.

      200 IM: Orstein, Sasser and Ertel could swim sub 2:03. Could Brady also be in the mix?

      100 Back: Sasser has set records the past 2 years. Can she break 54? Will Coombs be pushing her again. Will newcomer Evans be a threat?

      200 Back: Can Sasser go below 1:55 in the 200 back? Will Barer and Nicholson continue to drop time in this event? What about Evans?

      400 IM: Lesher, Orstein, Nicholson and Hunter have a shot here.

      800 Free Relay: Amherst should be faster this year with the addition of K. Stern

      400 Free Relay: Kenyon has a chance with Amherst applying the pressure.

      200 Free Relay: Kenyon could get this record also.

      200 Medly Relay: Kenyon also looks strong here.

      Watch for Ertel in free and fly legs of Kenyon’s relays. She could also win and set records in the 100 fly and sprint freestyles.

      In 10 days we will have a much better sense of the competitive scene after the various invitationals and several key dual meets.

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      It looks like the 800 Free Relay record will be broken for sure. The Kenyon women are aready real close. They are certainly the favorites right now.

      Lauren Brady is getting close to the 400 IM record with her 4:25.52.

      It looks as if Kenyon was experimenting this past week-end with their medley relays. Brady’s fly may be strong enough to allow Ertl to swim another stroke.
      Kenyon’s Wenzlau has established herself as a favorite in the 500 free, but don’t count out her teammates Arad and Meirs. Liz Horvat of Emory will be a force in the both the 500 and 1650 free events.

      Brady certainly appears to be the best of a group of talented first year swimmers including Wenzlau, Horvat, and CMU’s Evans.

      Back here in NESCAC country, Amherst’s FY Kendra Stern, emerged as a real force in the 50 and 100 free events during a dual meet against rival Middlebury. Her performances, in large part, turned an anticipated close meet into a comfortable win for Amherst. On January 12, we’ll get another look at Stern in a meet that traditionally generates fast swims– vs. Williams.

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      @Nescacfan wrote:

      @chunkybearcub137 wrote:

      What women’s records have a chance to go down this year?

      200 Fly Psaris capable of 2:00.

      maybe last year, but she hasn’t been swimming that way for a while it seems. but i wouldn’t count her out completely

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      I was looking at the D-III record boards for both men and women and noticed that the men set no new records last year and only one new record in 2006.

      For the women there were 5 new swimming and 2 new diving records last year. In addition, 4 of the current swimming records were set in 2006.

      What’s the explanation for so many more recent women’s records than men’s?

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      Low Tide

      Well, womens’ swimming as a whole has been improving at a faster rate than mens’ swimming for a couple of decades now. I remember graphing it out once and mens’ and womens’ times should equal one another around the middle mark of this century 8) Or not.

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