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      The opening 200 free relay will set the tone for the women’s championships. Who is going to win?

      I think Kenyon takes this one. Denison second and Calvin third.

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      I think Kenyon wins it too, they return everyone from last years relay and they could add ertel if they wanted too. No national record but a win. Calvin knocks at the door in second

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      I think Kenyon will win it without Ertel. However, if you look at last year, they went faster in prelims than in finals; this, I think, would be the only way they would lose it. UWSP, Emory, Denison stand not a chance.

      That record won’t be touched for years. It’s a 23.24 average split. Not a single team can do that with their 2-3-4’s, let alone their lead-off.

      I think that relay definitely set the tone for the meet two years ago, when Kenyon had a girl go 25.00 on that relay in finals. Last year, while they didn’t dominate the relays overall, they won both sprint relays handily. I think the more interesting thing will be to observe the times from Denison, Emory, and Calvin, as it’s a strong relay for all of them. If any of them are within half a second, that will be huge.

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      Yeah that record is pretty quick. I saw that record get broken and I thought it was a stellar swim.

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      Kenyon, Calvin, Emory, Denison…no real surprise here and its only prelims, however, Carltons 23.29 lead off leg is a big statement that she’ll be a factor in the 50 and fastest swim of the morning. Weima not far behind.

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      Rudy Shingle

      This was a quick start to the meet and I can’t wait to see what happens tonight. All I know is this will be a great race, and I am pulling for the Knights to pull it off.

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      @NCAA Reults wrote:

      8 Williams 1:37.44 1:37.03
      1) Collins, Cailin SR 2) Cucolo, Lisa FR
      3) Sequeira, Sophia FR 4) McCarthy, Laura SR
      24.72 49.07 (24.35)
      1:13.84 (24.77) 1:37.03 (23.19)

      How about that anchor leg by McCarthy… she took them from 14th place to 8th place in the last 50 yards. And on top of that, they only made top 8 by .01 over Middlebury.

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      Kenyon wins!!!! by more than one second over Calvin.
      They put Ertel in the relay. Nearly broke the record.

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      Wow Carlton was smoking 22.72 split! So I guess Ertel is not going to be swimming the 800 free relay then.

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      @swimkin wrote:

      So I guess she is not going to be swimming the 800 free relay then.

      That would be my guess…they should win it without her.

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