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      Since there are always rumors of Timmer transferring to GAC, Olaf, or Hamline… and Wonderboy talking about how Westby is a D-1 level guy…

      Who would you rather have on your team?

      I THINK these are some of their top times…

      50 Free- ??
      100 Fly- 49.56
      100 Free- ??
      100 Breast- 56.42
      200 IM – 1:51.02

      50 Free- 20.74
      100 Fly- 51.26
      100 Breast- 54.91
      100 Free- 45.31
      200 IM- 1:50.76

      I could be way off on some of these times. And some of Timmers might not be tapered (the fly).

      But if Westby trained at the U, would he be at Timmer’s level? If Timmer trained at Olaf, would he be as fast as he is?

      I’ll hang up and listen…

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      With different training, to hard to tell, but I take Timmer, just because he is from Minnesota. Other then that, eh? I think its kind of a mute point.

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      Great question, and a tough one to answer. I think based on times right now, I would take Timmer slightly over Westby mainly based on the 100 breast times. I don’t think you can overlook the fact that Timmer trains with a whole different level of talent though. Given that the level of coaching is the same (which is debatable), I think the training and the talent around Timmer has made him faster than it has Westby. I believe Westby would be faster if he were in Timmer’s place. I don’t know about Timmer’s work ethic today as opposed to when he swam club but I think he needs that talent around him to make him work. If he were at Olaf, his ego would most likely be out of control and he may revert to his old slacker ways (I heard about his work ethic from a former coach of his).

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      actually looking at, I was surprised how close it seemed. Timmer based on his 54.9 would be better, but they are darn close in everything else.

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      Westby, he sure is a super swimmer.

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      atleast timmer would make the olaf team look better

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