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      Low Tide

      Another weekend, any more visits or news???

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      KG from KZOO

      No, we just got back from spring break…the next recruiting trips are the weekends of April 13th and 20th.

      However, I was at USS state meet to see my sister swim and actually saw Harden and Chabot at the meet. I also “ran” into Mr. Harden and both of Kyle’s parents and both conversations went extremely well.

      Harden was there bc his coach needed him on relays and he didn’t really swim well…but he didn’t expect to because he hadn’t been in the water all week because of baseball. Yet, I talked to him for a LONG time because we both were really bored (we watched a lot of Ninja Warriors). Bottom line: I think we have a good shot at getting him (his dad seemed to buy everything I was saying). The only problems will be money and education, but if he wants to swim, we’ll get him.

      Chabot swam alright (2:00 in the 200 IM/1:47 in 200 free/54. 100 back). Most OLY swimmers don’t taper well at these meets. We also talked for a long time. I guess he is at Jr. Nats right now on a couple relays. His parents seemed very sold on the pre-med program, as well as the team. Rumor has it (from Mrs. Dekker and another source) that K is pretty high up on his list. So that being said, I also think we have a good shot at him (especially since Denison won’t go after him too hard after looking at these times). He’d be a great fit at K.

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      KG from KZOO

      Chabot swam 2 relays at Jr. Nats:

      200 Free: Anchored in 21.93
      400 Free: Relay split of 48.60

      I didn’t think he was this fast in sprint free events…

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      Low Tide


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      According to Groth, who got this from assistant coach Steve, El Mexicano got in… no clue what will happen on money, but he’s going to get in. Ruben, the mexican american, is also getting in, but again, no clue on money. His scholarship will likely be big though.

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      @silentp wrote:

      According to Groth, who got this from assistant coach Steve, El Mexicano got in… no clue what will happen on money, but he’s going to get in. Ruben, the mexican american, is also getting in, but again, no clue on money. His scholarship will likely be big though.

      El Mexicano = Santiago Morales? I assume so.

      Anyhow, because of what happened with Ruben (IE the 47 freestyler who split a 49.9 at his taper meet), I tried to dig up results on this guy. The best I could find was a meet from 16 months ago. He went a 4:42 in SCM 400 IM. That is pretty good, worst case this guy is under 4:20 in the 400 IM. Considering how long ago the meet was, and considering the meet occured in December, it is reasonable that he is a 4:04 as reported.

      Does anyone else have times for him?

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      I know Steve had results because he converted multiple times, like 1:55 2fly, 52 fly, 2:10 2breast, etc. Also, if we are finding SCM times, that helps, because those actually convert, unlike LCM. One of the current swimmers needs to get us results. Heintz? Joey?

      Also, somehow, by a miracle i will never figure out, Pepper got in. So he is basically coming here. Bazzell is the same, but i don’t think it was 100% like Pepper, just very close. Those are 2 nice additions with a diver (basically, you jump in 6 times, you score 10-14 points). That’s a 47 freestyler and a 1:45 200 guy.

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      KG from KZOO

      As of right now….Pepper and Bazzel seem to be also 99% committed. Bazzel is very convinced that K is the school for him and he’s just waiting to see his financial aid package (just to see if they didn’t lie to him at his meeting). Pepper somehow got in with a 2.96 and bad test scores, but he’s also gonna probably commit after he gets back from spring break. He told Kathy in an email that “I don’t see any reason right now that I wouldn’t be at Kalamazoo next year.” And we got Alex Arbour of course…

      Robbins….it’s down to us or GW. He’s coming on a recruit visit and was thrilled with the scholarship that he got. Steve said he’d bet money that he’ll be here next year as long as he comes on a visit. He keeps speaking very highly to Kathy about what I’ve been telling him all year…

      According to a few reliable sources, Chabot has K on top of his list at the moment. However, he is visiting Dension again….BUT he is visiting us the weekend after, which is good.

      Harden….I don’t know whats up with him, but a bunch of the guys are going to his baseball game. I think that would make a big impact of his decision….He really likes that attention

      Brower….it’s gonna come down to money and unless he gets a good aid package, he’ll be going to GVSU…

      Flemming, after he went 1:45, now has the idea that he may be too fast for us and is considering GVSU and Wayne St. BUT he went slooooooooow at Y Nationals (1:52) and I don’t think there will be much interest from those two schools now….I think once/if Pepper commits, we’ll have a better shot with him.

      As for the latinos….Barret told me this:

      “i talked to steve and kathy today, and it looks like ruben is going to get a conditional admit, so as long as he keeps a 3.0 he should be fine. As for santi, he needs to send in his english test scores or something like that, but for now he’s waitlisted. he’d probably get the same thing though as ruben. that’s all for now.”

      That is all I’ve heard so far because it’s hard to maintain contact in Trinidad….

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      We have a huge recruit weekend coming up next weekend, and it’s going to be crazy. We’re having 8 guys up now, with the possibility of 2 or 3 more. Hopefully Pepper will have committed by then, he gets back from spring break on monday, and I hope he commits. That would be huge with trying to get Fleming.

      Right now we’re having Chabot, Bazzel, Pepper, Fleming, Granger, Weichmann, Kinsey, and Alex Arbour coming up. Nick Johnson and Suszan might come up as well. Probably not Ruben, but there is always the possibility. I don’ t really know that much about the mexicans though.

      We didn’t make it to Harden’s baseball game yesterday because of snow. We might make it to another one, but it’s going to be hard.

      I think we have a pretty good shot at Brower. He’s not coming on another visit, but Kathy and Steve think we have a good chance.

      Kathy also contacted Robbins and hopefully he’ll be coming up soon. It’s going to be on a weekday, so it’ll be just him.

      As for the rest, this weekend is going to be pretty important.

      Could anyone tell me some high school times, and best times coming out of college? It would be good to show these kids how much time people can drop here…

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