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      El Duderino

      Along with Harden, we got a lunch visit from the infamous Nick Stone yesterday. This is the same kid who strung us along for 6 months last year, made a decision to go to Olivet, and backed out of it before finally “deciding” to go there.

      Anywyas, have you guys ever heard of a swimmer who transferred from one MIAA school to another? At this point, we don’t even really want him, but he’d still be a solid depth guy (he beat me in the 500 by about three seconds.. that punk). He’s thinking about transferring either to Kzoo, Hope or GVSU, but he still hasn’t fully decided on transferring either. Basically the kid has no decision making ability at all. Any thoughts on what we should do with this kid?

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      KG from KZOO

      Yes, Stone is a bitch….BUT he is 9000000 feet tall and has plenty of potential. He had a TERRIBLE conf meet bc he hates Olivet and everyone on that team…. He won’t be able to go to GVSU because of credits transferring over and he is looking at Hope because they have an education program. I honestly believe he will come here if his credits can transfer. Yeah, he played us a lot last year, but I’ll take him over Olivet or Hope having him….but I will not spend anywhere CLOSE to the amount of energy that I spent recruiting him last year…what a joke that was

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      Andrew Mullin, former K swimmer, transferred to Albion and won the 50 free at MIAAs for those rat bastards in 1994. That was also the year Albion edged us out for third place by like 6 or 7 points. That asshole.

      There’s also the curious case of Jason Pierce, who started out at EMU, gained probably 50 pounds, transferred to K, flunked out within a quarter, showed up at occasional meets wearing Sean Smith’s K hockey jersey, and a couple years later ended up swimming at Hope before graduating (?) and becomming the announcer at league meet whenever it was hosted by Hope. He was engaged to some girl Hope swimmer and then somehow managed to alienate himself from their whole society. I think the whole story is buried somewhere in the MIAA forum.

      Anyway, regardless of this Stoner’s lack of decision-making ability, don’t discount his (possible) desire and motivation to stick it to Olivet. So if he decides to transfer to K, I’d say let him…as long as he’s not an insufferable prick, because you guys are the ones who would actually have to spend time with him.

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      Low Tide

      Transfers rarely end up working, for K that is… Hope has had a number of significant transfers that worked out (Blohm, and many others) as well as Mullin going to Albion. Hope’s diving coach (Mitchell) was a Kzoo to Hope transfer.

      We’ve gotten pretty excited over a number of possible transfers… Pierce was the only one who ever came over.

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      KG from KZOO

      Yeah the way I see it…..if he comes, he comes and that will fine, but if he doesn’t oh well. But although he’s a moron, he isn’t a prick and can be easy to work with (I think). We’ll see what happens. Powers found out that he was here yesterday and is pissed….so naturally, the whole Olivet team will soon be pissed too…..thus providing more of an incentive for him to leave

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      Remember when Garth Miller (All AMerican Diver) almost transferred to Hope? And Rusty from Alma (via Plainwell)? And Nick Parish? I am sure I am forgetting a few.

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      Transfers are hard to put together…don’t waste too much effort. Just tell the guy you’d love to have him on the team and tell him to contact Admissions.

      The mere fact that someone would look at K vs. Olivet at two viable choices for the same person means their priorities are jacked. That’s like saying “I cannot decide between the Malibu and the Lexus” when you’re buying a car. I won’t say who’s who.

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