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      Im sure all most of you heard about Tufts new pool. However, like many pools in Massachusetts, they plan on making it 40 meters, rather than 50 meters. I think the whole idea of the 40 meter pool is to limit the usage to swimming in 25 yards/meters and avoid hosting water polo meets. You can ask anyone whos ever swam at BU (the new pool), Bowdoin, Assumption, or even Holy Cross how ridiculous the idea 40 meter pools.

      You think Tufts could/would consider adding the 10 meters to make it 50 and what it would take?

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      Ya, I heard about this “new pool”. It is supposedly part of a “5 year plan” …. which most likely means it is not funded … and the 5 years is suspect.

      I went to MIT in the mid/late 1970’s. They told the new coach that they would have a new pool in a “few years” to attract him to come from CA. The new pool only came after they found a big donor who wanted his name on a building … and finally opened in 2003 or 2004 … after the coach had retired!

      Meanwhile, MIT had billions in their endowment sitting there and collecting interest (why spend it on something that will improve students’ lives when we can leave it in the bank?).

      So, I’m highly suspicious about any athletic facility at any college that is not funded with a donor’s name slated for the building.

      Having said that, I agree it is completely stupid to build a 40m pool … at least MIT did that part correctly.

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      It seems to be trendy for colleges, particularly in D3, to build new athletic facilities. I can see most of the problem for tufts revolving around finding enough land for everything on their five year plan.

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      If there is a new Tufts pool, it would be nice it if it had enough spectator seating to host NESCAC championships. Spectator seating is certainly an issue at Wesleyan and Bowdoin. Even the new MIT pool does not have a generous spectator area.

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      Agree completely … this would be nice … but the 1st priority would be to get a great pool (50m X 25 Yds) … then get the spectators in. Remember, you might fill the stands 5 times per year, but (hopefully) you will fill the pool 100 times per year.

      My son trained in an outdoor 50m X 25Y pool (in SOCAL) for 7 years … absolutely terrible fan seating … I have no problem standing up for hours to watch my son swim. Fan seating is nice, but not nearly as important as a great pool (IMHO).

      MIT pool is not qualified for NCAA championships (according to my sopurces) … but it is a great facility for the athletes … and it is FAST!!

      Hope to see you at the NESCAC’s this year.

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