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      Low Tide

      Did Kzoo have a meet yesterday? has them swimming Williams, but Williams website does not have it on the schedule and neither does — Don’t they have to swim a meet during their training trip?

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      El Duderino

      From what I heard, they swam the meet yesterday morning. Williams and must not have thought the training trip meet was important enough to include on the schedule.

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      Here’s what I know…

      K went 3:35 in the MR (no Fonsy) and got beat down by the Williams boys. Ellis was 53-something, Booms 1:00, Dekker 52, Fleming 47-high. Good swims if you ask me.

      Greiner also split a 52 on the B MR, doing fly.

      Bazzel was 22.0 in the 50, but i’m not sure if that’s 22.0? or 22-something, because the term can be used both ways. Really impressive if it’s 22.0?.

      K won the 400 FR, and I believe this wasn’t because of exhibitioning, but straight up faster time, at least I hope so, or that’s a sad thing to be proud of…

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      @silentp wrote:

      Here’s what I know…

      K went 3:35 in the MR (no Fonsy) .

      Why no Fonsy? It is not big deal but he is in Florida, right?

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      There may be some truth to the rumor of Fonsy’s detention at Gitmo…

      I had to verify for myself that this Williams meet was on the schedule as posted at, and yep, it is. While on the site, I also noticed that the illustrious athletic department has bothered to post a little blurb about how the men’s team is ranked 12th in the nation, complete with a link to the poll at I’m not sure that too many people place much stock in that poll, but I guess when you’re the K College athletic department, you scrap for whatever positive news you can find. BTW, is there any truth to the rumor that Olivet’s football team put in their women’s softball team during the 4th quarter of the season-ending 51-0 discombobulation?

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      Nasty Natti

      It was Bazzel at the end of medley- 48.5 or something.

      Kzoo won the 400 FR by about 2 seconds.

      The fonz made an early trip home with his girlfriend in attempt to impregnate her on his own domain

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