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      Really terrible situation. Lots of thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

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      Chris Knight

      This is heartbreaking news. As with Emory earlier in the year, I am sure that everyone associated with D3 swimming will be praying for the Kenyon community.

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      What a shame.

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      More info:

      He was going to transfer. Too bad because he was an awesome swimmer and person. All our thoughts are with them. Reminds you of the Van accident.

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      The tragedies that have struck the DIII swimming community this season are unparalleled in any other season, possibly all divisions. Not only do two of the most successful DIII swimming programs lose freshman to, for lack of a better word, “freak” accidents. Not to take any gravity off the situations, but when young people, who are doing the right things with their life, die at such a young age enrages me more than they sadden me. It’s obviously different for me because I did not know either of these student-athletes but by giving them that simple title of “student-athlete” it denotes they were doing good things with their lives: in college, studying at excellent academic institutions, and accompanying it by a competitive sport that teaches you life lessons through and through. It wasn’t as if they were in college and on drugs or alcohol at the times of their deaths, while drug and alcohol-related deaths on campus are tragic, I almost feel as though in same way they are, and to whatever extent, more deserving of the tragedy if they are incoherent and mistake-prone resulting from drugs or alcohol. But that’s really irrelevant here as two stand-up freshman, from what I could tell from their reputations, died in very unfortunate fashions.

      One thing can be said, both Emory and Kenyon, both the women’s and men’s teams, respectively, (and to an extent their sexual counterparts’ teams) will be much stronger as a team and as a family having experienced such tragedies.

      Finally, I have come to the realization that the further I get away from college, the more I hear about such tragedies. Granted, this year was especially bad, but it’s the sad truth the people die often. It’s just more unfortunate for those that are educating themselves and are genuinely good people. And that’s what makes me angry really, but to put it in perspective, it’s going to happen, in the DIII community, and we will hear about it because we are part of that community. For my own piece of mind, to deal with my anger, I tell myself that at least it didn’t happen to people I’m closer to.

      ….Anyway, just venting

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      Great Post WangChung! It’s definately been something that’s rocked the whole swimming community in Wisconsin. These things not only affect their respective schools but their club coaches, former high school and club teammates and everyone in the swimming community. It’s such a tragedy. He came from the best YMCA program here in Wisconsin and was very accomplished so in turn, knew so many people. It’s going to be an interesting few days here. Everyone is just rocked by this.

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      My heart and prayers go out to Caleb’s family, friends, fellow students and teammates. Caleb was removed from life support this morning after surgery to remove his organs as a gift a life to others. What a wonderful gift it will be to others in need. From Kenyon’s website:

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      This is such a sad story

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