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      I am getting pretty sick of the nationals-conference-trials debate, so I thought I’d throw another subject out there.

      Who is the top freshman thus far this year?

      I know I’ll miss some, but I think a few names that come to mind are…

      Mering – Carleton
      Bateman – Olaf
      Young – Mac
      Murell – Olaf
      Norquist – GAC
      Wi-D – GAC
      Reinhart – Olaf
      Biesecker – Olaf
      Moore – UST
      Williams – SJU
      Schwichtenberg – SJU
      O’Keefe – Olaf


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      According to the fantasy points sent by MAC, Mering is the highest scorer, with Reinhart and Murell close behind. I’d say based on his best times and how he’s progressed since the beginning of the season, Reinhart has to be considered the top freshman. I still think Nathan Young will end up scoring the most when it comes down to it though. It still kills me that I didn’t pull the trigger on selecting him.

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      This is how I rank them based on estimated points scored at conference. I’ve upgraded Whitaker, Moore, Kilgour, and Okeefe based on what I’ve seen thus far. Williams is a huge downgrade from his HS times.

      Nathan Young MAC FR 74
      Andrew Drake SJU FR 66
      Chris Bateman STO FR 58
      Whitaker Davis GAC FR 50
      Michael Williams SJU FR 45
      Craig Nordquist GAC FR 44
      Brian Kilgour CAR FR 42
      John Delmundo SMU FR 40
      Mathew Moore UST FR 40
      Jacob Reinhart STO FR 39
      Danny Okeefe STO FR 38
      Paul Kirihara GAC FR 38
      Nate Schwichtenberg SJU FR 32
      Dan Cremons CAR FR 32
      Andrew Mering CAR FR 30
      Luke Money STO FR 30
      Thomas Beidron SMU FR 28
      Teddy Gelderman CAR FR 24
      Josh Jacobson GAC FR 21
      Tony Beer SJU FR 16
      Sam DeFranco GAC FR 12
      Noah Winden SJU FR 10
      Wes Jones GAC FR 10
      John Rice GAC FR 10
      Curtis Meyers SJU FR 10
      Andy Happe SJU FR 6
      Ross Donihue MAC FR 6
      Luke Murrel STO FR 5
      Kyle Bieseker STO FR 5
      Brendan Cassidy CAR FR 4

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      5 pts for Murrel?? You would have scored more than 5 pts in this meet in 7th grade. Are you saying that the 7th grade Mac is better than the 19-ish year-old Murrel? Poppycock! Ludicrous! Bull Hurl! Seriously, that is 2 15th’s and a 16th.

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      Mac, are you including relay points (pts for the relay divided by four) for the swimmers? I’m guessing that you are, but if not a swimmer cannot score more than 60 points at a Conference meet.

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