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      My personal opinion

      1. Kevin Groth- With a beautiful teeth (his father is a dentist!) and deep blue eyes, Kevin Groth has a smile that could make anyone’s heart melt. His tan skin and flowing locks make him the obvious favorite for most attractive man in the MIAA.
      2. John Boumgarden- The all-around good guy, John Boumgarden has smoldering eyes, a buff physique, and a winning smile.
      3. Kyle Waterstone- His tan skin and chisled figure make him a frontrunner in this competition.
      4. Mitch Powers- Lean, dashing, and armed with impish good looks, Mitch has the boyish charm to brighten up any pool deck.
      5. Paul Krone-Paul is tall, strong, and has an element of mystique which draws women to him.

      What does everyone else out there think?

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      I would have to cast my vote for steve curti. He may not have been in the MIAA for long, but his way with the ladies is undeniable. Ask anyone over here at hope and you will here the tales of his conquests. Even the men stop and take a second look at his intimidating good looks. With a striking resemblance to neo from the matrix and the nickname gumby id say he might just have what it takes to beat them all… He is curti-licous and he IS promiscous girls.

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      Ghost Rider

      haha, one of the funniest posts by Waldo ever. But seriously Learn how to spell Waldo, its Kurti, not curti.

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      This topic gets nominated for the dumbest post EVER on this forum. Actually, strike that, this IS the dumbest post EVER on this forum.

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      I cannae say thes es tha dumbest post ever. Aye, I’ll grant ye that thes es quite dumb, but et’s a reasonable question. Fer mah money, Ah’ll go weth Groth. Thet boy could melt gauld weth thes ayes.

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      I will have to agree with waldo on the vote for stephen kurdi. His tall lean figure has a way of calling all the ladies over to him without having to say a word. Also, how much and how often he eats is also a large turn on to most of the ladies 😉

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      Oh come on. It was even spelled right in the damn thread. Its K to the U to the R to the T to the I. He’s Kurtiliscous. And he is most definitly the sexiest man alive. Tall and soon to be tanner than ever. He takes my vote.

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      Hey dumbass, it’s Kurtilicious.

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      The Treat

      @iguessthatsme wrote:

      Hey dumbass, it’s Kurtilicious.

      what if its kurtiliscous like viscous? maybe he’s very thick fluid like man.

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      Treat, I am holding you personally accountable for all of the aweful Vista commercials I’ve seen on comedy central.

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      Low Tide

      The Hope womens’ team used to give an award to the gal with the biggest crush on a given Kzoo swimmer of the period. First it was Brian Miller, then it was John Latham… did this continue?

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      The Treat

      @Captain Insano wrote:

      Treat, I am holding you personally accountable for all of the aweful Vista commercials I’ve seen on comedy central.

      wanna see weird commercials from microsoft?

      i didnt even know most of these existed, but they are certainly weird.

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