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      For those of you not at the meet and only looking at results, here is my “keen” insight.

      500 – Matt stewart dogged this race and was out of the water before the next guy touched the wall (i think mid 4:40s), which was kinda funny… ben didn’t look good, he’s been sick, but like a sick animal, he may be ready for the kill… skylar davis was solid and has time to drop, looks like he played anderson like a fiddle, or harp, maybe even a piano… 3 man race tonight, i’ll take stewart
      women – there were 7 heats, i almost fell asleep

      200 IM – Marschall went all out, Westby didn’t even come close, Westby has a lot of time to drop, watch out, i am sure marschall will drop, but westby took it easy
      women – all 3 of the ladies dominated their heats and it could be a showdown tonight…. alexander was really slipping on the water in fly, but tonight will be fun

      50 – hagemeyer is looking thin, at least compared to what i have seen before, so that doesn’t bode well for his opponents… in the 2nd circle seeded heat (koch, chapman, etc)(hagemeyer was in the 1st) had a false star by some bozo in lane 2, so they all did a start and breakout because no one could hear it but chapman did a 25, plus turn before realizing it… they had to siwm the real event 5 minutes later, so those guys should all be faster tonight… there might have been some mental impact on those swimmers in the final circle seeded heat (sam, brian), but both of those 2 were flyin, so we’ll see.
      women – gac looked good here but it was some chick from hamline who stole the morning show with a B cut

      relays and diving tonight, kukla looked awesome so watch out for him on the backstroke… both relays for men could post the top times thus far in the country, which would be cool

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