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      I am really surprised no one mentioned this a few months ago
      but apparently the same French Paper that released the story about Floyd Landis testing positive released a story stating that in April 2006 Ian Thorpe tested positive for high levels of testosterone, etc. etc.

      wow, I’m not even sure what to say about this yet…

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      This was beaten to death on CollegeSwimming when it came out, that’s probably why no one mentioned it. Thorpe’s legacy would of course to tarnished if this was true, but he was still clearly one of the best freestylers of a generation. If he cheated, take his medals. If not, he’s retired and who cares. Michael Phelps beat his ass anyway.

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      Chris Knight

      I think, and hope, that it is bogus. Like Phelps, he is a genetic freak. There’s no drug out there that gives you size 17 feet by the age of 17.

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      I read something that either stated he was cleared or there would be a good chance he would be cleared.

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