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      What a bummer! I just had a really nice post typed up and another window opened- then when I pressed the back button to my “Post a new topic page” my text was gone. 😥

      I guess I will have to give a synopsis of my last post…

      I am a Jr. in HS and I have been swimming competitively for little over a year cumulatively (I had to take a break from the pool last summer as I had a previous engagement planned for the summer that I couldn’t get out of).

      I’m not sure I can say this any other way…basically…I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT SWIMMING!!! The camraderie among my teammates, the positive atmosphere, the strong work ethic built upon, the emotional high I get after I finish a practice that I didn’t believe I could survive or when I look up at the clock after my 200 fly and, although completely exhausted, crack a smile of accomplishment at the amount of time I dropped. I realize there are other things in life, but I can understand why people breathe, eat, and sleep swimming.

      While I just started swimming a relatively short time ago compared to most of the people that I swim with, I have taken much time to think about my future in the sport. For all of the reasons above, I have decided that I want to pursue my new found passion in college. I am a person that would give everything to be on C relay and give it my all ALL THE TIME. But this is why I have come to this forum, to ask for all of your help with where I should go from step one.

      Here is my info:

      5’9”. 135 lbs. Can’t put on that much strength yet. Haven’t had growth spurt yet.
      50 24.54
      100 55.74
      200 2:10
      500 5:58
      1000 13:30 (This was done at the end of the summer last year, so not current)
      50bu 26.2
      100 1:02 (At HS sections I went a 1:05.19, but my taper was horrible and I knew that if the meet was a couple of days earlier I could’ve gone at least a 1:02)
      200 3:05 (This was 7 months ago, the first and only time I have ever raced it in a meet, so it’s definitely lower now)
      50 29.5
      100 1:12

      *I hope this isn’t a violation of the board’s rules, as I am not trying to put my times up here in an attempt to get recruited. I am simply putting my times up for you to see so that you can better help guide me.

      My GPA is 3.5. My SATs will probably be ~1850-2050.

      I have been receiving questionaires from small DIs and DIIIs, and have been filling them out online and sending them back.

      My majors of interest: Business Admin, Hospitality, Spanish, and Middle East studies.

      Right now I think of my dream school of being somewhere between 2500-18,000 kids, updated/new facilities/buildings, campus not that spread out in either a college/lively town, students aren’t super competitive with one another, majority of classes are small, internship ops, technology is involved in learning…this could be unrealistic but these are the main qualities that I want to have in a school.

      I know that Emory’s Goizueta b-school is one of the top programs in the country, but I’m not sure I could get in with my GPA and SATs.

      Also, one last thing: Is it possible if a DIII coach can help in the admissions process? I know that this happens in DI a lot, but is this heard of at DIII school’s? For instance, I know my scores to get into

      University are a tad on the low end, but is it possible if Coach

      would help even though I may be considered a “work in progress” rather than someone who could step up and help immediately?

      Thanks and if anyone can post any information that you think would be helpful, anything would be appreciated. Also, my email is
      sportzajent AT hotmail DOT com
      incase anyone wants to contact me privately in case they don’t feel comfortably writing in the forum.

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