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      AHHH! I have tried posting this 2x already and for some reason, it isn’t working.

      So I will now just post a short synopsis of what i wrote.

      HS Jr
      17, 5’10”, 135 lbs. Can’t bulk up/gain strength yet. It is very frustrating, but hopefully I will hit a growth spurt soon
      Little over a cumulative year of competitive swimming experience.
      I have been thinking about this for a while, understanding the time commitments and I realize I want to swim in college.
      50 24.54
      100 56.74
      200 2:10
      500 5:58
      1000 13:30
      50 26.3
      100 1:03
      200 3:05 (I swam this at the end of last summer so this doesn’t reflect my probable current time)
      50 29.5
      100 1:12

      *I am not putting my times up in an attempt to be recruited, I am simply putting this info up so that people might understand my situation better and be able to help me understand where I stand in swimming DIII

      GPA: 3.5 unweighted, will have taken 6 APs by graduation
      SAT: ~1800-2050 (will find out in late June)
      Major of Interest: Business Admin, International Business, Spanish, Mid East Studies, Hospitality

      Main Qualities that I would like to have in a school: 3000-15000 kids, nice/new/updated buildings/dorms/facilities, technology intergrated education, smaller class sizes (less than 35), campus not spread out/everything is close together, good internship ops

      Also, is it possible to study abroad for a semester while remaining on the swim team? How would studying abroad work in this situation?

      One last thing, is it possible if a DIII swim coach could help in the admission process? I’ve heard this happens in DI, but I’m not sure about DIII. How about if you are seen as a “work in progress” and not someone who would be able to step up immediately?; is it alright to email a coach and ask him/her that upfront or bluntly?

      Thanks and I appreciate any help that you all are willing to give me. This experience is very new to me, and since it will be the summer before my senior year, I probably need to get a move on it. If you don’t feel comfortable posting in this forum, here is my email address sportzajent@hotmail.com

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