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      I have always heard that the first of October was the “mythical” starting date for official DIII swim practices. I was wondering however since the first is a sunday this year, can a team still practice. I know at my high school we couldn’t have a team practice on sundays. I didn’t know if teams could start any earlier (say Saturday, or for that matter anytime). Maybe someone with more legislative knowledge on the subject could let me know. I’m just curious as to what the possiblities are for teams who want to start practice as soon as possible.

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      Actually, the date has nothing to do with start times by NCAA rules, some conferences have specific dates that they restrict practices to. In DIII we are only limited by the 19 week rule. I think most teams have been training for a week or two. There is one school that I know of that does not have ANY organized practices from when finals start in December until classes resume in January. They usually start practice in August as soon as the kids are on campus.

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      The question I have always wondered is do you set the 19 weeks from your conference championships and if you have a national qualifer, that goes beyond it or do you have to go 19 weeks from nationals if you have a qualifer.

      I know in D1, we are limited to 144 practice days from our last date of competition and if you have ever had a national qualifier (doesn’t matter when), nationals is considered you last date of competition.

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      In DIII “Neither practice for nor participation in any NCAA Championship event is considered part of the institutions’s declared playing season”. So the 19 week rule effectively covers the weeks you train between the start of practice and your conference championship, or if you elect to attend a last chance meet this must also be included in the 19 weeks. The NCAA qualifier’s season is thus extended by the time between your conference championship and NCAAs and does not count against the 19 weeks for the team.

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