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      99 Red

      OK, so we all know Kenyon is looking better, but does anybody think they are looking better than last year? Denison doesn’t look like they are going to get a full boat, but they didn’t have a full boat last year. Emory is pretty solid, were solid last year, and didn’t they lose some points to DQs?

      Last year Kenyon scored 498 points, Denison got 345 and Emory came in at 310. Just for the heck of it, Hopkins was right at the edge with 303, and they have been getting some well deserved buzz on these boards. Kenyon has reminded us all that they are still the umpteen dozen time champions, but without Duda and “relay specialist” Berger, point machine (and national champion) Brennion and depth all star DeHart, does anybody think that this years team is going to score more points than last year?

      So… what is it going to take to win this year? Without naming a team, or with naming a team if you like, how do you get to the winning point total?

      What is your answer Red? I’ll throw my speculation up here in 5 days.

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      I think all three teams (Denison, Emory and Kenyon) will score over 400 points, with Kenyon scoring less than last year and, at the risk of stating the obvious, Denison and Emory scoring more.

      I’ll provide my prediction for winning points next week after the Last Chance Meets. (I think the mens contest will be that close).

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      With agreeing with neswim, i project that the magic number will be in the low 400s. While what i say may stir a lot of controversy, i am sure most of you can see how i came with the interjection. I feel like this year, like many years in the past, have really endorsed the lone swimmers. This year, like many other years, suggest a tight race, but unlike those other years, schools who are not in the so called race for the title will score more points. We have teams like Amherst and St. Olaf who will put big numbers on the board with their studs and lack of depth (by comparison), which will take away from Kenyon, Emory and Denison. Lone stars like Drake, Rousseau will pose individual threats, but also take points away from the top. In all, i predict that it will be a nationals where if a team wants to dethrone the Kenyon Lords, it wont be just a valiant effort brought upon one team, more like a collective effort among several.

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