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      Just thought it was interesting that after SJU beat GAC this past weeend at their “invite”, a group on Facebook was created called “WE JUST BEAT GUSTAVUS!!!!!”. All of the posts within the group make them sound very excited about this, but i have to assume they know that approximately 7 of Gustavus’s best men’s swimmers were at the U… Nothing wrong with being excited about swimming fast, but i question being this excited about a victory over GAC, any idea why?

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      So they beat a shorthanded GAC, but not Luther?

      My bet is that either Matt Zelen, Pat Underhill, Ryan McGovern, Phil Steger, Dan Haske, or Bob Ahmrein posted that on facebook. They are the only Johnny grads I know who would still have facebook accounts. I heard when they all swam at SJU they watched “Bridges of Madison County” before GAC meets because Pat Haws thought it made them tougher. Pat Haws was a hell of a motivator.

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      “If you’re not cheating, you’re not tying.”

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      Personally, I find it hilarious that SJU is taking it this seriously. There’s really only one reason to be this caught up on it, and it’s ’cause they don’t have a shot at the conference level yet. Granted they were an up and coming team, but I don’t think that they’ve got what it takes to be a force in the MIAC. I guess beating a team that’s missing their top 8 first place finishers in a sport where taking first automatically outscores the other team is some sort of accomplishment?

      On another note, this just goes to show what kind of program Carlson has built over there at GAC to get this kind of attention for a loss…

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      Just to clear things up, the group on Facebook is a joke. It was made by current swimmers from SJU(including myself) and was not meant upset anyone. We do realize that if even 1 of GACs other swimmers had been at the meet they would have beat us, but we beat them nonetheless. I think most of the current swimmers from GAC can appreciate the humor in how ‘seriously’ we took this win.

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      yea chill out dudes its all in good fun…we’re not dumb we know we wouldn’t have won if GAC brought the A team but let us have our little victory… we beat gustavus 8)

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      What would benefit the St. Johns swim team more at this point: a) Matt Zelen returning to the team or b) David Williams return?

      On the one hand you have the speed of Zelen working to the advantage of the recruiting of faster guys. But on the other hand you have Williams who brings in Bennies which in turn will bring faster guys to the team. Discuss.

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      I don’t think you really need to defend yourselves SJUers. I mean, we’re a bunch of swimming has-beens on a D3 swimming site, so we’re in no position to rip some college kids for joking about a win on facebook. Especially since I do not know a single person on facebook, or how to log on. I just hang out with Bobby Bowden and check Ebay.

      As for the Zelen-Williams dilemma… I say Zelen for sure. Not only does he bring the speed to help recruit guys for relays, but he’s quite the ladies man. We all have heard the tales of the Yasmine Bleeth bag-piping incident following his Tonight Show appearance. And back in college, Matt had a super mint white pick-up truck with the license plate “MJZ”… I was at a party once and like 5 chicks just hung out by his truck waiting for him to come out and give them a ride to The Law. He never cam outside, and the chicks all ended up at Dingman’s place making out with Matt Sharp.

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      How could you fail to mention the “Z to Fakie?”

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      i would go and say SJU needs williams back. they have no chance in being a conference contender,,,they might as well have some good looking girls around then. Plus he was fast but just didnt have a good coach to make him better. Oh wait, u could just go to GAC and get a good team and good looking girls…maybe Zelen and Williams should have just gone to GAC and the problem would have been solved.

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      Kari Byron

      GAC beat SJU this weekend. Guess it does matter if they bring their A squad….

      1 Gustavus                           GAC-MN         1094
      2 St. John's University SJU 756
      3 University of St. Thomas UST 432
      4 Hamline University Pipers HAM 239
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      lane 6er

      I’m glad all of the GAC supporters were quick to jump on Mr. Westby for having a poor split race, but at least he can still go under 2:00 in his 200 fly. What do you call that 2:07 that the returning champ went? I thought it was horrible to watch; he didn’t go out and die, he just didn’t get going at all.

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      There is a big difference between a bad swim and a poor split swim. A poor split swim has to with not swimming smart. A bad swim c an be attributed to many things such as being sick or beging very broken down. At this point in the season you should be tired and broken down. My guess is that Connor did not rest and concentrate on this meet but instead he concentrated on working hard this past week and breaking himself down as much as possible so he can taper well. Just a wild guess of course.

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      Vincent Vega

      Looking at the SJU results, overall the meet was pretty slow. I would say that could be attributed to tough January training. Ziegler has a reputation for hitting the weights and water pretty hard. I doubt he will go a 2:07 in mid February. As the “returning champ”, he has probably earned the right to a little slack at this point of the season.

      But there were very close races in that meet. Especially in all the Freestyle events.

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