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      Anyone know of recruits for 2007 or committments?

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      I actually heard that St. Olaf recruited Goro (of Mortal Kombat fame) for next year, based on potential. I will be interested to see what he can do with all those extra arms.

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      Sub zero would just freese the water and skate across it.

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      Chris Knight

      Raiden would teleport. There’s your winner.

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      Yeah, but Tsang Sung in the IM would turn into Duda for the fly, Avilla for the back, Boss for the breast, and Courtney-Brooks for the free and would break the world record by only .01 because Michael Phelps is better than all of those guys combined.

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      Doesn’t Raiden have to stick to some rules about using his powers in competitive situations? I think Shang Tsung is more evil, so he would just go ahead and use his powers. I think the shadow kick by Johnny Cage could be an interesting way to take off on a relay start… one has to wonder if the extra distance is worth landing feet-first. Same thing with that other guy’s bicycle kick. Haha, that would be pretty funny to see.

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