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      A pretty decent weekend at michigan high school state meet for our recruits (and for state champions brother rice)

      -Alex Arbor (committed diver) dove 232 i think, 17th place

      -Craig Fleming 1:45.9 and 48.2

      -Brian Bazzell 22.02 and 47.8

      -Harden 21.9, 48-something (he had the flu)

      -steve brower 56 back, 22.6

      -ben hubbard 22.7 i think

      -Scott Pepper 1:45, 4:51

      -Alex Cibor 4:58

      -Andrew Weichman 1:49

      -Rick Kinsey 1:48, 4:59 (strep throat??)

      -Matt Suzsan 1:52, 5:02

      A couple disappointments, but bazzell and craig both swam really well, and K is at the top of both of their lists.

      I think we have a good crop of juniors looking here for class of 2012… I’ll start talking to brother rice’s junior class, they have a few studs. A couple other ideas…

      -Taylor Kalinowski, junior at Mattawan, apparently told kathy last year he is interested in K. I think she coached him (maybe at U of M swim camp?) at some point along the road. He was 4:47 and 1:44

      -Will Chodos, junior at 1:00.6 breast, his brother goes to K (doesn’t do a sport)

      -Peter Keeler (pioneer kid)- junior at 53.3 100 back and 1:58 IM. Apparently he is friends with greiner and parker. They say he’s a smart kid and humble enough to realize he isn’t d1 material, so he’s probably a good bet…

      -Mike Desantis- Groves, Ellis has been talking to him a lot, says he is interested. 52.8 backstroke, 48.8 100 free

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      Low Tide

      Those depth guys would be great to get (lot of potential there), with maybe one gem from the latinos or elsewhere.

      Hopefully next year we will get a couple of those bonafied studs, especially now that your recruiting process seems to be steamrolling along.

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      KG from KZOO

      I talked to Bazzel yesterday….And this is a quote from him….

      “If WE get the recruits that WE are thinking about getting, WE will be really good next year!”

      Yeah, I’d say we’ve got ourselves a 22.01/47 free guy with LOTS of potential. He also said at state meet that he was gonna lift a lot over the spring and summer (he’s a twig). I asked him yesterday if he wanted to send out emails to the other recruits and he said he would love to do it….We also had Suszan help “recruit” on deck for us at state meet.

      If we got Bazzel, Harden, Flemming, Pepper (off the wait list?), Robbins, Chabot (who I’ll be seeing this weekend at USS states), and of course the Mexican….wow….

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