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      Ok, the goal, other than placement at NCAAs, is to take down Hope and Olivet at MIAAs. It took 530 to win this year, add a 3rd team in the mix, and it’ll take about 500 to win. Subtract about 130 for relays (that’s avergaing 2nd in all relays). The obvious math there is needing to score 370 points individually.

      18 swimmers scoring 370 points is averaging 20.555… per swimmer.

      If you look at it, that’s a guy who can final in an event and consol in 2 more. Now, obviously there are guys who will score more and lower this average points per swimmer, but there are also those who will help relays, but bump this total down, so… how many recruits do we have who can score this many? And, how many do we need?

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      Rudy Shingle

      If we look at it this year we lost one guy who scored in all three one guy who scored well in 2 events. So we need to replace those two. Then i think we need about 3 more.

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