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      Isn’t this coming weekend the Recruit Weekend? I thought i remember that being the case… if so, who’s still coming? Who isn’t coming? What’s planned? How many speak english as a first language?:) Just wondering questions like that and i’m sure i’m not the only one.

      ps – We need this fast Mexican, so Jussi should go down and visit him.

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      KG from KZOO

      Yeah there is one this weekend. Only 3 guys are coming up though. I assume that most don’t want to miss any practices because their state meet is coming up in a couple weeks (which we will all be attending and possibly with posters of each recruit). We’ve got:

      Harden who we all know about (Brett, Steve made that depth chart and relay combinations like you said)

      Suszan (5:03, 1:50) he started out the year at 5:31 and 1:59….His liftime bests before this year have been 5:07 and 1:53 and he isn’t tapered yet…He could be a pretty solid depth guy. I almost got him to commit two days ago.

      Ben Hubbard (22.?) This kid was up here last week and he is a TREE! He’s really tall, but has NO muscle on him….And he’s been 22. on a relay after his first year of swimming. His brother goes here as well.

      Those are the three guys coming up (Chris Granger was supposed to come but he made his state meet after going 1:00)

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