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      the race of the meet: 500 free, Newton/Peterson re-match.

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      I wouldn’t count Eric Dunn out of this race….or Kegan Borland for that matter. And all of this without mention of the top seed. Interesting.

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      This will sound very weird but i think the top seed could surprise some people. Last year he went into the meet with a 4:36 and went a 4:34. Due to Hanson’s sickness he had no competition at conferences, so he will be a player.

      Dunn is also a good name to bring up facenorth. He went out too fast last year and died (2 splits over 28, ouch!) but i think he’ll swim it smarter this year and be a contender. He came to the meet with only a 4:34 before his prelim swim of 4:30. He comes with a 4:30 already this year and didn’t rest at all for his midseason meet.

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      i didnt mention stewart because he was 434 last year and now hes at 429… thats a 5 second drop from one year, i dont expect him to go any faster.

      i see newton or peterson winning (426s last year– they will be faster this year). curtis was 27 and spinelli was 28 last year. all faster than the top seed.

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      Yeah this is probably one of the most exciting races of the meet. I look for Newton, Peterson, and Curtis to all be under 4 :26. Spinelli and Dunn will be about 4:27 or so, and then a couple other people will be right around 4:30.

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