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      Sir Carl

      It seems that Chapel Partner is the only one who cares about this, but I was wondering what everyone’s picks are for 3rd through 5th at conference this year.

      For a point of comparison at this time of the season, I scored out a mock invite with Carleton, SJU, and UST using the times swam this weekend. I didn’t score any freestyle relays since different relays were swum, but i didn’t exhibition anyone either (like the 12 SJU swimmers in the 100). For the mile I gave UST first and second and Carleton 3rd through 5th based on their 1000 performances. I also scored the 400 IM, though it wasn’t an event at the St. Mary’s invite.

      The team results were:
      Carleton – 748
      SJU – 713
      UST – 652

      Obviously this invite format isn’t the best prediction of the conference meet, but it looks like a close meet.

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      My picks, albeit without scores, would be slightly different from yours:

      Carleton takes 3rd, UST 4th, and SJU 5th.

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      Nice research Sir C.

      I was trying to score the meet earlier, but haven’t finished.

      It will come down to a lot of boner heat swims I think. UST and SJU both have a lot of guys in that 7th-16th range.

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      I agree with Mac’s ranking.

      In a quick scoring, without diving. I think Carleton, SJU, and UST are all in that 325-375 point range. Again, it will depend on the boner heat guys as to who takes 3rd out of these 3 teams.

      Right now, Danny Sheridan’s odds have the 3rd place moneyline at:
      UST -125
      CAR -110
      SJU +175
      HAM +400

      For winning the meet:
      GAC -130
      Olaf +120

      I’m sure these odds will change once the psyche sheet comes out.

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      I agree with your analysis for 3rd. I think that race could be as exciting/more exciting than the race for 1st, which I still give to GAC based largely on they will have more depth in the boner heats plus they have divers this year!

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