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      This isn’t about swimming or anything but I just found out that my picture will be on the OSU commercial on TV during the national championship game.

      I’m on the far right in the picture of the laboratory setting.

      This is probably the worst picture I have ever taken in my life. I didn’t have my contacts in at the time so it looks like I am staring off into space. I am willing to bet that the PR people were like “what do we do with this guy? Let’s photo edit some other expression on his face.”

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      To bad you are representing such a pathetic institution.

      [attachment=0:mny3qjx0]Worst State Ever.jpg[/attachment:mny3qjx0]

      You know i have much love for you Kurt….that’s sweet you are in the commercial.

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      That is a fantastic t-shirt.

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      Kurt, that’s awesome you are in a commercial that will be viewed by millions, very cool… however, Stevo totally one upped you with that hilarious/sweet shirt.

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      Member, you can order one if you want. It was a great shirt to wear at the Michigan/OSU game. Quite a few nasty looks, but some buckeye fans thought it was funny.

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      I will let this year’s OSU Michigan game speak for itself, my friends. No need for a clever t-shirt there if you can win four in a row.

      Really though, I thought it was pretty sweet that Michigan beat Florida. I watched it with my dad and halfway through the game realized that we really wanted Michigan to win for Carr and that scared us a little.

      If Ohio State loses this game it will be the fourth time in the span of one year that they are second best: football 06, basketball 07, soccer 07 and football 07.

      Ironically, the closest they came to winning any of those was the soccer game, which they totally should have won but lost due to some pretty pathetic second stringers after a great defenseman was injured.

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      The soccer game was by far the closest, shoot they only lost by 1!

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      This is the greatest national exposure to Division III Swimming since the one guy with the “Wheaton” on his butt was spotted by somebody on TV.

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      Low Tide

      Ot when Matt Zelen was on Leno for finishing his race after his suit fell off?

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      I did see a couple of guys in Wheaton drag suits on the Travel Channel one time in a piece about beaches. They were doing a segment on men in small suits and saying something like “If you don’t look like these guys, stick to the trunks” while showing a sequence of pictures of swarthy-looking southern European guys, and then these couple Wheaton swimmers. I laughed.

      But good work Captain. Although I’m not so sure about OSU, laboratories seem good to me.

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