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      I was looking through collegeswimming.com and saw this proposal to change the format of NCAA swimming. It includes a dual meet season, an championship season, and even an oper water compitition in the summer.

      What are your thoughts and comments on this propsosal? How would it effect the MIAA?

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      99 Red

      I have always loved the idea of a duel meet championship, because I think there is a class of swimmer who could really shine in that environment that doesn’t do as well in a championship format. I also love the idea of coaches trying to stagger a teams taper, so that certain people will be hitting at certain times.
      As for the open water championships, I’ve always been a believer that distance people need more love, and I think it would really change the way practices are done. I went through my 16+ year swimming career and I think I had only 1 or 2 practices in what might be called open water.
      Shake it up, I’m all for it!

      PS and bring on the 800 Med Relay while your at it!

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      When i looked at this, i knew it would never happen, but did have some thoughts on what could work. Let’s be honest, they won’t be adding a 2nd swimming season to do just dual meets, but, if they did, here is how i see it.

      The week after NCAAs, the top teams get together for the Dual Meet NCAA Championship. This eliminates the need for another taper or season, and doesn’t lengthen the year in any great amount. The problems with this:
      1. School, kids will miss evcen more of it and it would come the week after some of them already missed 3+ days.

      2. Cost, right after sending them back home from NCAAs, you bring them to possibly another location for this meet.

      The logistics could be any number of things, but i foresee no more than 4 rounds, on back-to-back days. This could start Thursday and go through Sunday or start Wednesday. With 4 rounds, you could do a top 16, although I am unsure how you pick these 16, except maybe every conference gets a certain number of nominations with a couple wild cards? This issue, though, would come up no matter how you do it.

      The most exciting parts of this idea:
      1. While the theoretical best swimmers, who just got done with NCAAs, would be holding their taper for 1 weeks, the rest of the people (which theoretically could be the first person left out of the meet) would be tapering just for this week.

      2. With doing 4 duals in a row, a team like Kenyon may leave a couple guys (or girls) out for the first meet or 2, to save them, because we all know how much the racing would take out of them by the end.

      3. Everyone, whether they tapered for this or NCAAs and are holding it for just 1 week, would be swimming very fast times. In other proposals, some would be rested while others were tapered, which is fun, but everyone swimming fast times is even more fun. Also, we’ve seen a lot of people miss 2nd tapers and adding this week could actually help… or really hurt, which would also be interesting.

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      I’m not gonna lie, I would love an open water season But I agree, though it would be cool, I don’t see a dual meet tournament as happening. Too much travel, and cost and blah blah blah, although it would be cool to swim other teams/see different teams swim each other. Also, I’ve never heard of any swim league anywhere doing a dual meet tournament, so who knows how well it would actually work.

      P.S. 99red, I don’t know if you were being sarcastic, but I would love an 800 medley relay, cause I might actually get on a relay!!!

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      99 Red

      No sarcasm at all. I would also love to see a 400 IM relay (so people would be able to swim the 100 IM again). Lead changes are one of the most exciting parts of relays, and individual medley relays would be full of lead changes.

      Silent P – For your idea to work, we would have to combine the men’s and women’s meets at the individual and team championships. I’m not opposed to this in principal, I’m just pointing out that the number of teams is 32, not 16, making organization of the event that much more challenging.
      All that is not to say that I don’t like the idea. If the mens and womens meets are combined, then you aren’t going to miss that much school, since one of those championship events will probably fall on most schools spring breaks, as is the case now.

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      Good morning.

      THis is a great conversation that I have never seen on D3swimming before. I’d like to contribute.

      I really like the tournament idea. THe reason is because in swimming, 9 times out of 10, you know who is going to win the dual meet before it even starts. I know this is a generalization, but the tournament takes that element out. Whast if a team doesn’t taper for the first round or only tapers part of their team? Who will the taper for next week, who has to hold their taper, who is a team that traditionally does not hold their taper? All of these questions add an element of surprise to the tournament. What if the brackets worked out that a team like Emory or Denison met up with Kenyon in the second round and Kenyon had to come all the way down to beat them? Then in a later round, there taper didn’t hold so they got beat! How exciting would that be?

      Ok, so back to reality since we can all agree there is no way that is happening. Three events that would be cool: 400 IM relay, the open water swim, and the 800 medley realy…in that order. Being from the West MI area, at West MI RELAYS in high school, the 400 IM relay was always a point of pride. It would an exciting race and a fun race that combines sprinting with stroke. I would throw out that Mile and add the open water swim. No one sticks around for the mile anyway, why not have it somewhere fun? Like Lake MI….only problem there is the team of the year. Hmmm…. I liek the 800 medley relay but it would be my third choice to add. A cool event though.

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