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      Sitting here in the cold and snow and just wanted to congratulate Westminster mens and womens teams for sweeping the championships again. So much for the poll predictions. Lots and lots of qualifiers from all of the schools, so good luck to all in Houston and do the conference proud!

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      By now I thought there would have been others posting about the PAC Championship meet. Anyway I’ll just share a few thoughts as a spectator, who sat through 5 of the 6 sessions.

      Along with queenof… I also give a well-deserved congratulations to the Westminster squads and staff for their victorious efforts. Goes to show once again that depth is more critical for winning championship meets than having studs.

      I’ll first comment about Stephen Zinz from Bethany. Here’s a great example of finishing well despite circumstances. The last race of his college career, the 400 FR, and leads off and sets the school record for the 100 Free which had stood for 38 years. And he was swimming by himself in the consols!!

      Speaking of the 400 FR consols – The Bethany men are swimming alone and the entire Grove City team is cheering them on. I was very touched by this expression of the spirit of true D3 sportsmanship.

      Then there’s Nick Barker from Grove City. He must get some sort of award for most improvement, and time drops in 3 years of swimming the 200 Fly. His first race as a freshman was a 2:38. His 1:58 at PACs was incredible, passing 3 Westminster guys in the last lap. Great effort!!

      How about Pat Smith? The 400IM runner-up award. I wonder if there has ever been before in championship collegiate swimming (any division) that someone has finished second in the same event to four different swimmers over the course of four years. Anyway, congrats to him for winning the 200 Back all four years at Westminster. And I expect that he will get an invite to Nationals with his time in the 100 or 200 Back.

      Congrats to Andrew Gilbert and Peter Larsen for going 1-2 in the 200IM. Totally unexpected, and here I thought GCC needed Caleb to win this event. Coach – I’m eating my weedwacker on this one.

      On a personal note – Andrew Gilbert’s mother, Cathy, and I were friends as undergraduates at the Univ. of Delaware some 32 years ago. It was good to make her reacquaintance at the meet. Also totally unexpected!

      Last question – How did that rubber ducky get on the 1 meter board?

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      I had forgotten about the rubber ducky! I don’t know how it got there, but it was hilarious.

      Just a couple names to add comments about:

      A.J. Yarzebinski. He was pointed out last year as someone who could have swum for points. And wow, did he make a big show this year! B-cut in the 2breast! Big heat in every event.

      Lee Knight. The “Cody Robson” of this year. I thought it was a mistake to swim him for points. But he came through, top 5 in two events. In fact, I believe he and Robson scored the same number of points.

      Peter Larsen. I think he had more surprise touch-outs than anyone has a real right to. Every single event he swam he beat somebody by . I was convinced he was getting 3rd, maybe 4th, when they came to the flags in the 2IM. He ends up 2nd. He looked to be dying at the end of the 1fly and fading into 3rd…..and comes up 2nd. Must be his long arms.

      Also (this seems to be a recurring theme), Misericordia is worthy of note. Maybe it was just their finals sheet comments (“Peter has a big nose”; “I am the ice-cream eating champion”; “Jen Mines is my partner in crime” and about a dozen other things), but they really seemed to be having fun with the meet. On a more substantive note, aside from the two relay DQs, their girls did very well. Their men’s team could be a decent contender, too, if they just had more bodies.

      Actually, speaking of finals sheets, some of the more memorable ones:
      “Congrats to Ben Haring on his recent marriage.”
      “Brian is currently in training to wrestle a moose.”
      “I didn’t let Tyler May fill out my sheet this year.”
      “I am the reigning marathon kissing champion.”
      “I’m obsessed with Jen Mines.”
      “It’s my first year of diving ever. I miss the sun!”
      “I like cute little hippos.”
      “I hold no records of any kind.”

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