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      I dont know how many of you guys read the article in swimming world about Parini and the Denison dynasty, but here it is. http://www.denison.edu/athletics/mens/swimming/200709denison.pdf

      Maybe someone from Denison can help me interpret this article, but it sounded that a lot of his workouts, probably wicked early in the season, was based on “old school training”. Grinding out t3000 or like he said, “2000 kick for time” was in the category of yesterday. I guess the whole point is to figure out what pace they can hold, but being once a swimmer, i can remember, regardless of the possible motivation, it was just a waste of time. And although many of you may disagree, a lot of d1 programs (though, non-successful ones) have given up the long straight yardage considered to be old school. Such programs include, Old Dominion, Duke, WV, U-mass, ect.

      Now the question is, how many of you guys are still doing the 1970s style of training, timed 3000s or 6000 IM for time?

      and on a side note, Curtis’ example workout didnt look too complicated, i sure hope it was one of his easier ones.

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      Those T-3 and 2K kicks were to establish aerobic base numbers that other sets were done in. The lane you were in for 2X200 white, 4X200 pink, 4X200 red that was done the next day was based on the results of the 3K. We would only do T-3s two or three times a year as I recall, so they also served as a way to check progress. Stroke specialists would swim stroke in some of these T-3s. The closest we ever did to a 6000IM that I recall was 10X400 IM on a descending interval one training trip.

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      99 Red

      PS the article mentions “get out sets” which may have happened once while I was in college. We had “white knuckle” sets, where you did an extra rep or two in a lactate set, but the only reward there was a potentially lower average time (I think you got to replace your slowest result with the “white knuckle”).

      Of course, it has been a long time since I was there.

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      That article had great potential but was way too vague.

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