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      Last night at Master’s workout (Montgomery Ancient Mariners in Bethesda, MD), three former D-III swimmers of note happened to find themselves in the same lane:

      Evan Whitbeck, Kalamazoo College 2002 (6th place 800 FR, 2001)
      James Rosenthal, Pomona College 1993 (3rd place, 200 fly, 1993)
      Chip Villarreal, Emory University 1994 (6th place, 500 free, 1994)

      The conversations went something like this:

      CV: Aren’t you James Rosenthal? We swam with each other at Curl-Burke in the 80’s.
      JR: Yeah, I thought I recognized you. What have you been up to?
      CV: I was in Chicago for a few years. I started swimming LC in this pool in 1985. I used to swim with this other guy who is now coaching in D-III, Robb Harrington, who coaches at Wooster.
      EW: Did you say Wooster? My brother works with Harrington at Wooster. My name’s Evan Whitbeck.
      CV: Wow! I know your brothers, Scott who swam at K and Dave at Case Western…. and of course your teammates Vic Stover and Josh Pfau, who spend lots of time on this website….

      Outside Smoker: come on by to practice with AM.

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      And the next thing said was:
      “d3swimming.com is probably the best website ever created. I don’t know how I could live without it. The world of d3swimming.com has been forever changed in a way that we simply cannot quantify. Life will never be the same again, and I do not know what I would do without internet to access the website. Probably die from natural causes.”

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      lost at sea

      do you guys swim at the montgomery aquatic center?

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      No: summer Ancient Mariners’ practices are at Bethesda outdoor pool, and T and Th nights and Sunday mornings, on Little Falls parkway. Also, some practices are held at the MLK pool in White Oak, MD. Check out the schedule on the Ancient Mariner web site.

      The MAC pool: long before I was MaroonSwimming, I swam with Rockville-Montgomery at MAC. In fact, it was being built during the first few weeks of my senior year in HS. While it was being built, we swam OUTDOORS at RMSC in Rockville. I distinctly remember swimming an outdoor practice on November 1 while the MAC was still being built. We moved in a few days later. I really liked the place, and swimming 25m better suited my distance stroke. Once I had consistent practice times, I lost the weight I’d gained by being a lazy slob during MAC’s construction between my last summer practice with Curl-Burke and then joining RMSC. By the time we got to Christmas training with RMSC/MAC, I was 165 pounds on a 5’9″ frame (even now, after the discovery of beer and chocolate, and 12 years after college, I weigh 165). Christmas training started at MAC, 18,000m per day, and I lost 13 lbs in 12 days. I kept that weight off until my last D-III meet in 1994. Then, the patented Emory Swimming “Get Fat” program kicked in: eat a block of cheese, drink a beer and watch re-runs of Cheers. Daily.

      Back to Bethesda: at one point, I think I was the all-time career milage leader at Bethesda. I swam there every summer, LC, from 1984 to 1994, with only a break in 89 when I was with CUBU (in 94, I had just graduated, but didn’t have a job, so I swam occassionally). Bethesda became the “anti Curl-Burke pool:” since CUBU didn’t control their own pools, the Montgomery County aquatics director was glad to stick it to CUBU by giving use of the pool to any team BUT CUBU. I swam with a tiny team called “MAC” (not related to the MAC center) from 1980 to its folding in 1988, and MC was glad to give us the pool because we weren’t CUBU. Then, the MAC branch of RMSC was established, and RMSC got control of the Bethesda pool as a training site.

      By about the middle of July, the Bethesda pool gets to about 86 degrees, which is horrible, but it leads to Master’s swimmers having excuses to sit out of sets to chat.

      So, see you at Bethesda on Sunday, AM? Lost? Smoker? Anyone else in DC?

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      Being an old d3swimmer myself, I thought y’all would get a kick out of this. It was so random – I was at a group ride, the newspaper was there, at the end of the ride one of the guys from the store calls me in and says they want to interview a novice (to go along with interviews of a elite and a mid level person). Anyway..


      In the picture, I’m the only guy with a helmet circa 1995.

      Overall, kinda embarrassing… got my Wheaton College swimming shoutout in though (I told the guy to put in Wheaton College, IL… oh well).

      PS – on that ride, we averaged over 26mph for 20mi… ######## riders.

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      lost at sea

      i swam for RMSC too, but it seems long after MAC was built.

      I started with MLK and moved to the Olney pool once that was built.
      I used to swim tuesday morning Fly practices at MAC which were awesome (it was a great opportunity to race Mike Raab and Jeff Kelsey).
      I’m guessing that you know Jim Early (spelling?) if you swam at rockville?

      I’m afraid that I’ve just finished swimming and so I’m still in the I’m never swimming again stage, but I’m starting to miss it… alot.

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