Olaf vs. Carleton: WTF happened?

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      Kari Byron

      Here’s the results to the Olaf / Carleton dual meet:


      Interesting things to note:
      1) Marcy Dierks is nowhere to be found as of late. Anyone have a 20 on her?

      2) The Olaf men didn’t swim very fast overall (Westby was a stud, like usual) Is this just taper running its course? The GAC guys all seem to be swimming faster with the exception of the D-squad which still looks a little tired.


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      I didn’t see Ben Wareham on there either. Did he just miss that meet? Has he left school to pursue an acting career? Is he abroad in Italy? Did he transfer to the U to be closer to Timmer? Did he fall off the climbing wall? Or did I just spell his name wrong on my control-search of the page?

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      No, for the fourth year in a row, Ben has been on the band trip and missed the Carleton-Olaf dual.
      He’ll be back in time for MIACs, and probably swimming insanely fast too.

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