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      Anton – can’t find
      Cafiero – 1:04 breast, 2:05 IM
      King – 22.1, 48.5, 1:47.1, 4:46, 1:00.4, 2:11.0 breast, 2:00.0, 4:10 IM
      Oates – 4:44, 16:47, 2:00 fly
      Pascone – 54 100 free, 59 fly
      Ramirez – 1:18 breast

      Not what I expected from them…
      (updated from oakes to oates)

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      After the success they’ve enjoyed the past couple years I really thought that they could nab a decent recruiting class. This one is not good…not good at all. There isn’t a kid on there that is even sniffing a b cut. Any insight as to what happened?

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      @screeeeeeeeech wrote:

      Any insight as to what happened?

      My first instinct is to guess this.

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      99 Red

      Good eye, big freshman class. Are any of those guys any good?

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      For Stevens Institute,
      Matt Preedy is a 22.7, 1:01 breast

      Thomas Takahashi is 53.0 fly

      Nicholas Walulik 22.22, 48.19, 1:46.80, 53.7 fly and his best time was a 54.71 100 free LCM (AAAA time)

      Aaron Williams 22.9, 55 fly

      Evan Wilson 4:39, 16:06!, 2:09 breast, 1:55 2fly, 1:56 IM, 4:06 4IM!, for LCM he’s also a 1:58 200 and his best time, with a junior cut, is a 1:07.08 100 breast

      3 guys coming in UNDER current records… now i realize the records are slow, but they bringing guys in under them is still hard, and this Evan Wilson looks to be an immediate nationals scoring guy. This coach can clearly recruit.
      (They also had like 8 guys i couldn’t pull up.)

      Laura Barito 1:00 fly, 55 free
      Amanda Nauman 5:28 500
      Danielle Sack 1:13 breast

      Those were the better women of the ones i found.

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      While the assistant coach leaving might have hurt last year, it is now his second season. Can NYU not get another coach to do some recruiting for them? Even if Miele is a recruiting master, which he seems to be based on who he’s pulling in to a school I’m sure many people haven’t heard of, you’d think that the pull of a school like NYU would at least bring in some decent kids. Long story short: NYUs recruiting class is a mess.

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      Andy King will score at nationals (in the mile and 200 breast), it’s Steve Oates, not Oakes (it is wrong on the website roster). He will also be an NCAA qualifier in the mile. NYU lost 3 guys last season, I think maybe one of them scored a point in a dual meet, so this year’s team will already be much stronger.

      Cantwell was hired in September of last year. You can’t possibly pull in a Trevor Miele type class when you cut you cut your recruiting time in half. Give NYU another year to pull in some studs.

      On another note, how can you expect anyone to do what Coach Miele did? All but three of NYU’s records were recruited by Coach Miele or are held by him. If he stays at Steven’s until this freshman year’s class graduates, expect a top 15-20 at NCAAs. If you don’t believe me, look at what happened after his first class of full recruiting at NYU. Five years ago no-one would have expected them to be a top ten contender.

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      What is King’s mile time? Also, not to be a jerk about it but going from a 211 2 breast to scoring at the show is a BIG drop. Not saying its impossible, but those are big numbers you’re predicting Mr. President.

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      I just looked up Steve Oates, and if its the same one I saw his 458 in a duel meet won’t translate to a mile cut…at least not yet. You’re talking a big game Frankie. Bottom line is that their recruiting class isn’t great and its just a little surprising.

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      @silentp wrote:

      Evan Wilson looks to be an immediate nationals scoring guy.

      what exactly do you expect him to score in?

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      @nemesis enforcer wrote:

      @silentp wrote:

      Evan Wilson looks to be an immediate nationals scoring guy.

      what exactly do you expect him to score in?

      Well, since his 100 breast time converts to a 57.4, which scored last year i thought he might have a good chance there. His 400 IM, 1650 and 200 free converted times are all fairly close to top 16 from last year as well.

      Would you disagree?

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      Yeah I am not sure a guy that went 2:11 will score at nats this year. YOu have to be in the 2:06 low range almost to score. Not saying it is impossible but it will tough

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