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      So I was looking at Emory and Denison place on top times lists and I was trying to put together how many guys each might have at NCAAs. Its an early list but by my count it looks like EU have 14 guys in individually with maybe 2 more in on the 800 FR giving them 16. For Denison, they have their big studs there, but I dont see alot of depth at all and I dont know if anyone got into the meet this weekend. I have 6 guys in on their own plus 2 in relays and maybe 2 more individuals for a max of 10. Seems really low for a team trying to get to the top. Maybe I missed something. Here are the people I ahd for each team, you can double check me.

      EU- Callum, Newton, Bobo, Roos x2, Fleet, yamada, inacker, brown, petroff, lake, milburn, diggs, burke plus scarbourough and dimarco in the 800 FR

      DU-Byers, Geissinger, Curtis, Peterson, Ulrich and Bubb plus Behnke on the 200 FR and Brabson on the 400 MR. Also Grodecki and Sellon are borderline.

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      Also just added up numbers for KC and it looks like 15 for sure, with the possiblility of 18.

      Mitchell, Harris, Zarins, Gosselar, Stoyel, Irgrens, Huguenard, Rodriguez, Dunn, Berland, narthcutt, Withington individually, Jacobssen, Carruthers, and Christian on relays and maybe Schneirer and Misslin on the 800 FR plus Bullock, Misslin and Schneider are borderline individually.

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      99 Red

      DU did get Julka in on the boards, but I agree, they do need to get some better swims at the last chance meet to make things interesting.

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      Oh yea, I had forgotten about the diver. Also,I dont think Brabson has any B cuts, so he would only be used on the MR I think.

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      Brabson has B cuts in the 200 Breast (2:07.03) and 400 IM (4:07.86)

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      Oh my bad then. Studying is frying the brain. Wouldnt want to deprive a man of his B cuts.

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      2:07 flat might have a shot to get in. They need to get some other guys in this upcoming weekend though.

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      numbers are always strong, but how many of the borderline B cut swimmers will have 2 other B cuts? How about those relay swimmers? EU had Dimarco and Minturn on the 800fr relay, but Minturn doesnt have any B cuts, but they could send him to make it 17. 17 for EU will make it look like their team is stronger than it really it. I know coaches wont send relay only swimmers if he didnt have any other cuts, but you never know– trying to get experience. Either way, a better way to look at it is to see how many races will we see. EU is looking to have something around 47 swims (dimarco is on the bubble, but would be pulled on a relay and has 2 b cuts and 15 individual swimmers with a full 3).

      DU has 6 guys swimming a full 3, Behnke looking like one now, maybe 3 if he gets the 50 and the 100 this weekend. Grodecki doesnt look like to have his B cuts yet?? Sellon has his two IMs, but it doesnt look like either of them will be invited. Thats about 21 individual (plus 2 for Behnke).

      KC sports 12 most likely to swim a full 3. Jacobssen at 2, Carruthers at 1, and Marc at 1. 2 for Misslin if they take him, or 3 if he gets invited, which gives them 42, give or take a few.

      some of these numbers may be off, we wont know until who gets invited. I assumed an invite if he is around top 12 in the top times. borderline would be something around 14-16th. also, i only went by their times at ncacs, and uaas.

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      @JHUBreaststroke06 wrote:

      EU- Callum, Newton, Bobo, Roos x2, Fleet, yamada, inacker, brown, petroff, lake, milburn, diggs, burke plus scarbourough and dimarco in the 800 FR

      Scarborough was 141.99 lead of 800fr relay at Miami Invite

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      yea, I agree with your assesment. I was just using people as an early indication, but number of swims and number of important swims is a better indication of course. DU may have less guys, but alot of 3 final type guys where some of the emory qualifiers might be in consols in 1 or 2 events at best. It takes alot of 14th places to equal peterson and byers contributions at 12-20 pts a pop. But you do need some depth so hopefully DU can find a couple more.

      Also, that 1:41.99 from Scarbourough I dont think is entirely safe right now.

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