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      A week from now, our NESCAC women will be swimming at Nationals. Where will the surprises come from?

      Nicholson has been working hard on her opening fly leg of the 400 IM. If she goes out in 1:04 or under, she will give Orstein a fit. While seeded first, few give Nicholson a chance against the defending champion.

      Metcalf is starting to look very strong in the 500 free.

      Molen was swimming hurt during the later part of the season. She seemed to back on track swimming the 1650 at NESCAC’s.


      Not many people are giving Ross a chance against Psaris in the 200 Fly. I certainly do. Also, have you noticed that Ross has switched over to the 500 free on opening day from her past practice of swimming the 200 IM. I guarantee you that she moves up to the championship heat in this event. She might even go under 5:00. Her 5:06.81 seed time was a dual meet time.

      Wang in the 200 back has the potential to make it into the championship heat.

      Cowie will do well in the distance events, but watch Soja. She was a little slower than expected at NESCAC’s, but she has lots of potential to improve in the 1650.


      Watch for Pettersen to have a number of good swims. Her 200 IM times have been dropping. She will be back in the championship heat in the 100 fly. Note she has spread her events over three days and is not doing her normal 100breast/100fly double on the second day.

      Stern is currently seeded 24th in the 100 free. She could easily end up in the top 8.

      Pritchard could make waves in the 100 back.

      Cheung-Lau could make it into the championship heat in the 200 fly.


      Norsworthy could take the 100 breast. I can see her going 1:03 in Houston.

      Who are the others with chances to improve on their seed times to win [Nicholson, Ross and Norsworthy] or make it into the championship heat and attain All-American status?

      What is NESCAC’s best all-conference relay? Is it the 400 Medley Relay of Sasser, Norsworthy, Ross and Stern (or McCarthy) [55, 103, 55, 51]? Could they beat the best of NCAC [Kenyon and Dennison combined]?

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      Absolutely they could. In each of those legs with the exception of the freestyle we are talking about a potential national champion. I dont think the NCAC would be able to make up the deficit they would lose on backstroke.

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      I suspect that neswim will make the argument in NCAC’s favor?

      What about the 800 Free Relay? Who would you add to Ross, Sasser and Stern to make it the most competitve? How about Cowie? I think NCAC could beat us.

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      No…I actually don’t think NCAC all star relay in the 400 MR would defeat NESCAC (don’t think UAA would either). The stretch case would be 57 mid for either Cassell or Leech; Ertel goes 54 mid and Zaleski goes 50 point. That seems like a stretch.

      I don’t this NESCAC could put together a relay that can beat the best of NCAC in the 800 free.

      What about the 200 Medley Relay? Could NESCAC field a team that beats an all-star NCAC team? I’d think it would be much closer than the 400 Medley Relay?

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      NESCAC best from recent 200 medley at conference championships:

      Back Sasser 26.70
      Breast Norsworthy 29.30
      Fly van der Meer 25.56
      Free McCarthy 23.25


      NCAC best 200 medley legs from recent conference championships:

      Back Cassell 27.43
      Breast Menzel 29.32
      Fly Dain 25.32[She bested Ertel]
      Carlton 23.28


      Looks pretty close to me. I know that everyone was not rested the same, but it will still be close. NESCAC has to use swimmers from four different teams; NCAC,only two.

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      BTW, if we used Dain for fly then we would use Ertel for free and get 23.0 for anchor…that makes it a razor thin margin. Lets see what happens when they swim at nationals. Its a horse race.

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      And we could put Ross in the fly. She didn’t swim 200 medley at NESCAC’s, but she was the 50 Fly champion. It still would be close. Let’s revisit this hypothetical race next Friday night.

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