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      I highly doubt that 20.96 makes it in the 50. That event just keeps getting faster. It stands 17th right now.

      1:23.66 and 1:23.77. Hmmm, I am going to say Hope is good and Calvin is not. GCC is sitting at 1:23.67 (they swam it with out Caleb Courage). If they TT it it is safe to say they will be under 1:23. DePauw had 2 guys @ 20.87 and 20.68 individually but they could only muster a 1:24.2 There other guys went 21.6 and 21.7 individually. I think they will TT it and go 1:23 mid. IF I am correct about GCC and Depauw that will put Hope and Calvin 6 and 7. So these relays need to be TT’d and they need to get under 1:23.5 (note appearantly Kenyon TT’d this relay because they are listed at 1:23.2 in the top times section here but went 1:23.68 in finals)

      A 1:54.59 is 12th right now. I doubt it makes it in. Dekker is 8th. Probable though already in in relays.

      3:27.33 is 9th and has no chance.

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      Chris Knight

      GCC should Time Trial, as they are virtually certain to get an A cut with Courage. Despite the fact that he’s better at the 100 than the 50, I’m not so sure their other three legs are, so they should take care of business in a Time Trial. I expect NYU is disappointed with their 1:24.0, so they may Time Trial it – same story with DePauw, I thought they’d be faster tonight. Hopkins, W&L, the WIAC, the NEWMAC, and the NESCAC have yet to swim this relay. I’m not sure a 1:23.66 is in.

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      Kenyon went that 1:23.2 in the morning with their B relay if you look at the prelim results at the bottom. They put their studs on the B so they could go after it in the morning with worrying about a DQ hurting team points it looks like. Huge swimming from Mitchell.

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      Chris Knight,

      Wash and Lee has already been 1:23.2 haven’t they? So they would already be infront of Hope? Grove City and Gustavus should leap them without too much problem so that would drop them to 6? Who do you see in the NEWMAC going under 1:23.66? WIAC, maybe UWSP or UWLax. St Johns would have an outside shot as would St Olaf but wouldn’t bet that either top Hope’s time (I really don’t know but am making a somewhat educated guess). I seem to recall that UCSC was quick at midseason. JHU can drop again but will their guys taper? We saw Emory go a 1:25 today, they’re not worried cause they’ll have close to a full squad at NCAAs anyhow, JHU is in a similiar situation. NESCAC on the other hand could present some problems but it’s tough to say, Williams in particular comes to mind. Not sure about schools that usually throw down some solid times like TCNJ but you have to think about them.

      I certainly see your point about DePauw, with an ‘A’ cut and another open 20. and open 21.4 and 21.6’s it seems to someone not there that they could be quicker than 1:24.2 without too much problem. NYU is in the same boat. Calvin is nipping at Hope’s heels right now. Wheaton and WashU aren’t far behind either if they TT and drop, popping a 123 mid is certainly feasible. While yes, I just mentioned probably 10 schools or so that have the potential to come up and drop Hope in the rankings, who is actually ‘likely’ to do it?

      Cheadle your thougths would be appreciated as well.

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      Hopkins may not taper their studs, but on a 200 Free Relay you are talking about guys with 21 mid speed who probably have B cut aspirations. I would count on them being faster, even if Test is only partially tapered.

      THis relay simply got a lot faster. Noone knows what the cut will be but I’ll guess 1:23.49.

      Hope will have a really fast 400 Free Relay. SO we are really talking about 1 swimmer not making it if Hope is unable to pick up this relay (not that that isn’t a big deal).

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      Wheaton 1:24.0 last night, with Higgins sitting it out. If they TT they will be 1:23 mid or so also. IT is going to be tight

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      maybe i am stating the obvious, but i just realized that if calvin sneaks in, there will be representation at Nats from 5 different MIAA teams?!? that can’t have ever happened before. very exciting. now all we need is alma…c’mon scots!

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      On Wheaton, they left Higgins off the 200 relay, with Lederhouse instead – I really don’t know why. Higgins was 21.59 a couple weeks ago, JL led off in 22.01. Higgins led off the B relay in 21.75. Morris was a tenth slower than he was at Wheaton Invite, but he is swimming faster overall, so I think they can get 2-3 tenths there. BUT – 20.15 from Linn is lights out and maybe hard to duplicate, and the 20.62 from Hartman was a second faster than his open (but he was 20.4 last year). I’m guessing they’ll TT it today with Higgins – they have to give it a shot, else they’ll probably only be taking one guy to nats.

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      I was confused on that one too Rhyme. Higgins was 21.7 lead off yesterday. I will come out and say that Higgins is probably not rested at all. Even so they have to be 1:23 mid to get in, and your right Linn was blazing on that relay

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