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      Okay, so maybe this question is “against the spirit of MIAA swimming,” and I’m not suggesting ay sort of competition to steal these things, but just hypothetically – if you could steal one item from any of the MIAA teams, which of these would you choose?

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      KG from KZOO

      John Boumgarden better watch out – i’m gonna have my eye on him the whole meet. I also have my eye on boumgarden literally at the moment, as my mom took a picture of john and i and i have turned it into a life-size fathead on my wall.

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      JBG might want to file a restraining order on KGfromKZOO.

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      Well technically Hope may have two items that the MIAA might want to steal much more than Chizzo’s gogs. One of the two items has not been around for a while. The other item could make its first trip to the league meet, and will definitly make Kzoo’s wise owl look like the piece of plastic that it is.

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      Nasty Natti

      Maybe u should say that to Wise’ face and see what happens.

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      Low Tide

      I like creativity going into thefts or pranks directed at the rival school. In 1998 Hope swimmers stole my Kzoo hockey jersey, defaced it and hung it up at the Hope natatorium. Not much creativity there, and it actually gave a bad impression to a couple recruits who saw it on their recruiting visit (and ended up at Kzoo). It was expensive, I really liked it and the theft and destruction of property definitely pissed me off a bit. Good one, I guess.

      Now consider if that same jersey was later mailed back to me with a “Hope Swimming Rules” patch stitched on the sleeve. That’s witty, pretty harmless and I would have laughed at how the Hope guys definitely “one-upped” me.

      A friend of mine from Loy Norrix went through a lot of trouble to steal the mascot of their rival swim team (something like that Kzoo Owl) — They then built a coffin with a glass window, placed the mascot in the coffin and at their league meet played somber music, and walked out in a funeral procession to return the “deceased” mascot to the grieving team. That deserves a *lot* more credit than merely stealing something and burning it.

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      Agreed. If we are going to have thievery, at least let it be something that you put some thought into. Simply stealing something and burning/defacing it is pretty stupid (and lame).

      …of course, if you’re from Portage, you simply whine to mommy and daddy about how the mean, nasty kids from Kalamazoo stole your things and wouldn’t give them back to you…

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      Low Tide

      Dan Knap single-handidly got the entire Kzoo National Team of 1993 drunk off their asses, in probably the best prank at the hands of Hope swimmer I can think of.

      He took turns challenging the K swimmers as to who could pound a beer the fastest. One-by-one, after the meet, he “lost” to each one of them (while merely sipping his beer) and even “lost” all the subsequent rematches. The term “knapped” stayed in the Kzoo lexicon for years after that 😆

      I always wanted to steal that damn Hope canoe, paint it up in black & orange and march it in (to Yankee Doodle Dandy) with a swimmer in a white wig working the paddles, ala George Washington crossing the Delaware River at league meet.

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