Most impressive swims from Kzoo last weekend

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      Obviously a terrific meet for the Hornets this past weekend. Some individual times that really jumped out at me:

      -David Greiner splits 32 in his last 50 to race to an impressive 2:18 in the 200 fly

      -Jim Entwistle goes 1:55 in the 200 freestyle and then proved his worth with another 1:55 on the relay. His consistency in this event really improves his stock.

      -Barret Mueller with a blazing 1:02.8 in the 100 yard backstroke. He, Ellis, and Brower will form a fearsome trio in this event come MIAA’s.

      -Dan Kovacs 5:44 500 freestyle. His endurance really shows that he could be one of the MIAA’s top competitors in the middle distance freestyle events.

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      El Duderino

      I was blown away by Nick White’s ability to beat all of the Kalamazoo Women in the 200 free. For a guy who consistently made it his goal to be Kristin Dominguez in that very same event and then took a year off from swimming, its a pretty amazing feat.

      It reminds me of a kid in high school who made it his goal to beat our coaches 12-year old step daughter in the 50 free. He succeeded, barely (he went about a 25.9, I think she clocked in a 26 high).

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      Nasty Natti

      Yea I think Greiner really showed his versatility as a flyer. He was really able to mix up his splits, something most others cant even fathom. He is truly a master of the butterfly stroke.

      To second your thoughts on Kovacs, I watched his race and was simply astounded at the fluidity of his stroke in the 500. His body propelled through the water; it seemed almost effortless. His intensity as he finished his race was astounding, he quickly disposed of his goggles while chanting several crude expletives. Perfection is never enough for this ultimate competitor

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      I would have to say that rising junior distance star Jim Entwistle impressed me the most. His week to week swims of 5.20 and 5.19 in the 500 free really blew me away. Too bad he didn’t swim it last weekend, I thought he would have been sub 5.15.

      Greiner really showed his versatility as an all around athlete in the 200 free with a 1.57.6. Look for him to have some big time drops next week.

      Barret Mueller also had an impressive 24.8 split in the fly leg of the medley while jumping early on Kovacs. Lucky for the Hornets they didn’t get DQed.

      Dan Kovacs allegedly held the world record in the 100 breast in 2003, but unfortunately there were no FINA officials at the meet.

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